This Laid-Back Camper Van Could Be Your Home Away from Home

Who needs luxury when you have charm? This cozy camper van, affectionately named,  The Surf Bus, may not be the largest dwelling, but it’s got plenty of charm…and personality to spare.



Guests can book a stay in the Surf Bus, which resides beside a lake in De Woude, North Holland in the Netherlands through Airbnb. Included in your overnight fee is free parking for whatever other home-on-wheels you might be traveling in, and free wireless internet.

The Surf Bus is outfitted with two beds and one bathroom. It has enough room to comfortably, if cozily, accommodate five people for $110 per night, with an added cleaning fee off $46.

The town of De Woude is located not far from Amsterdam, the scenic North Sea beaches, and those iconic Dutch windmills. Be warned that guests are unfortunately not allowed to drive the camper van, so be sure to bring along your own mode of transport.

This 30-year-old classic Mercedes van serves as the perfect home-away-from-home for those planning a vacation to Holland. And if you’re not planning a vacation…well this awesome bus is all the more reason to start.

Lounge in the campsite’s hammock when the Surf Bus begins to feel a bit cramped.

It may be small, but it’s still a kitchen — something you won’t find in most hotel rooms.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the dining table.



When you’re not in the van, enjoy some of the charming nearby scenery.



What are you waiting for? Book your stay in the Surf Van today!

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