The Most Interesting Road Trip Games You Can Play In Your RV

Yes, we all know what would make a trip perfectly enjoyable: a self-driving car, the kids perfectly quiet, and you sipping peacefully on a drink. But since that’s not possible (yet), you need to find the best alternative — something that will keep the little whole family occupied. Because the stories from school and work and the news eventually run out, and that’s the moment everybody starts wondering, at first silently, then louder and louder, how much further it is?

 So how some fun and amazingly simple car games?

Perhaps these classic games are easily beaten by all the technology out there nowadays, but why not do something that brings the family closer together, rather than encouraging them to slip into their own worlds? Because, after all, wasn’t that the main point of the family trip?

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I Spy

Okay, even if no one in the family is big on road trip games, you have all surely heard of this one — even the youngest tech-incline members of the family. But just in case, here’s how it works:

  • The first player starts by saying ‘I spy with my little eye something…’ and describes (without actually naming it) the object they choose.
  • For example, if you pick a bird, you could say, ‘I spy with my little eye something that can fly’, or if you have small children with you ‘that can fly and has feathers’ may be better because the list otherwise could be endless, including pigs.
  • Make sure you pick something that people can actually find, or at the very least think of.  Not, say, a giraffe you saw in a toy store you zoomed past. And if you want to make it easier for the little ones, you could perhaps start with things inside your car or RV.

Road Trip Bingo and Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve taken Granny along for the ride, I’m sure she’ll give you the basics of the game quite fast. The goal is to cross out or complete all requirements on the cards. The scavenger hunt may lack an actual category, but you have a lot of things to see outside the window: traffic lights, a blue car, perhaps even a cow or a horse!

Bingo, on the other hand, can have categories such as road signs or famous logos. Printable cards are available on the Internet, just a click away, or you could turn the making of the board into a DIY family activity.

20 Questions

There are a whole lot of ways to play this game, and if you don’t have a favorite one yet, you’re bound to have fun going through them before you settle.

  • One type of 20 questions works best if you’re on the road with friends, and you ask personal questions. The first person to clam up and refuse to answer gets a punishment.
  • Another version, more suitable for any kind of outing, requires you to think of an object from am pre-chosen category (animals, vegetables, etc.). The other people proceed to ask 20 yes or no questions about the object and then guess at the end. The winner then decides on the next mystery object for the next round of the game.

Slug a Bug, or Punch Buggy

No matter if you’re in the car for a long time while crossing through multiple states, or you just drive to the nearest town, Slug a Bug can be an amazing game to keep you busy. The rules are simple:

  • Whenever somebody in the car sees a Volkswagen Beetle, they shout ‘Slug Bug!’
  • The first to do so then gets to slug all the people in the car in the upper arm (though do advise the kids to go easy on the driver).
  • Because the game implies a certain degree of physical violence, parents don’t always condone it, but has some regulations for playing the game in a way that you can avoid any unpleasant situations. If you don’t get many VW Beetles around, try the game with some other make of car, but be sure to pick one that is easily recognizable.

So the next time you’re on a long car trip, ditch the electronics and try out a game that will engage and entertain the whole family.

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