Inspiration Turns an Airstream into a Wandering Star!

Last updated on March 22nd, 2019 at 09:52 am. Originally published on April 23rd, 2015

Sarah Schneider is a free spirited, artistically inclined wife and mother of three young kids. She loves to upcycle otherwise plain or unwanted items. Her biggest pet project so far is the transformation that she performed on an old vintage Airstream trailer.


Airstreams are the silver bullets of the camper world. They have aluminum siding and curvy bodies. They are known for being well made, easy to tow, and for being a brand that holds its value remarkably well. But, their interior can be somewhat lacking, filled with many of the features that come standard in most RVs.

Sarah Schneider Gets Inspired and Miracles Happen!

On her blog, Sarah says that turning a house into a home is her passion, it is what brings her happiness. Her goal for this renovation was to turn her family’s home on wheels into a space where she felt free and wild.

This renovation was part of a collaboration with Anthroplogie. Sarah has loved the popular fashion and accessories brand for as long as she can remember. Their home collection infused a feeling of joy, art, beauty, and love into this talented housewife. She decided to express this emotion in the decorations that she chose for her RV.

Sarah recruited the help of her family for the renovation. They helped her to paint, clean, and pick the right pieces to fit inside the space in her attempt at a cozy, chic makeover.

Designing Tricks

When Sarah first began the renovation, the Airstream was gloomy and dark; a big difference from its appearance now. The wandering star pillow was her inspiration for the interior because she fell in love with the phrase and the colors. Using this as a foundation, decorated the Airstream using several design tricks for small spaces. Two of them are as follows:

1. Use Neutral Colors to Create the Illusion of Space

One of the easiest ways to make a small space seem bigger is by using neutral colors to paint the exposed areas. This includes the ceiling, flooring, walls, furnishings, etc. Taking this step creates an open canvas that’s primed for pops of color and texture.

Sarah painted everything white and used Anthropologie’s Rosa wallpaper to add texture. She used a neutral shade for her drapes as well. They started out as regular curtains but she cut them down to fit the wrap around windows. This worked beautifully and provided privacy while also letting in beautiful rays of light. She also upcycled the original sofa and covered it with linen.

2. Use Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces to Make Small Rooms Seem Larger
Mirrors and reflective surfaces are a great way to add lightness and airiness to a room. So Sarah added a mirror to the feature wall and cabinets in the kitchen to bring in more light to this small space.

Keeping reading for a comprehensive look at how Sarah incorporated these tricks into the various spaces in the RV:

1. The Kitchen


Because of its small size, it was important for Sarah to do everything that she could to maximize space in the kitchen and dining areas. She also utilized various design elements to add warmth to the room:

• She replaced the originals counters with butcher block
• Changed all the matching hardware pieces and replaced with mix and match versions
• She used the leftover fabric from the drapes as a stove cover
• She installed an octagonal backsplash for added texture
• Place a mirror on the wall to bring in more light

Dining Area/Front Area

wandering star

The front is a bright colored, versatile living space that can quickly turn into a dining area to eat or play games or a bedroom. Sarah achieved this look and functionality by doing the following:
• The front of the couch converts into a dining space with a fold out Lucite table and Terai folding chairs. This simple touches add pattern, texture, and warmth to the area
• Sara reupholstered the sofa in bleachable indoor/outdoor linen and it turns into a comfy bed.


The bathroom is small so, everything had to be customized for a proper fit; even the bath rug was cut down to size. Sarah changed out the fixtures and the sink for a more updated look. She also added a ton of unique accessories (farmhouse bowl sink and new knobs and shower curtain) to really give the space a look of its own.

Back Bedroom

back bedroom

The back bedroom offers some privacy; albeit having more of a kid vibe. But it can also easily be an adult space as well. The back bedroom has two twin beds and can be used either as a place for her kids on family vacations or the adults when she goes on girls trips. It contains ambient lighting for a glow that highlights the color scheme and the decor.

The Wandering Star is Sarah’s effort to bring beauty and comfort to the outdoors while camping. She set out to create a home on wheels for her and her family that would evoke images of imagination, adventure, and creativity. We can say with 100% confidence that it is evident she achieved her goal.

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