Hot Weather Got You Down? 6 Useful Tips For RVing on a Hot Day


How many times have you found yourself camped in the middle of nature thinking to yourself “Damn, it’s hot out here”? While a camping spot might look great in photos, sometimes when we arrive we find ourselves unexpectedly surrounded by unbearable heat. Since the weather tends to be unpredictable, isn’t it about time that we familiarize ourselves with how to stay cool on hot days?

People often complain about hot weather and how it can ruin their camping trip. The heat can cause countless problems like ruining your food, your mood, or keeping you up at night. To help cool you down here are a few tips that experienced campers have shared with us on how they keep themselves cool on a hot sunny day.

1. Pre-Cool Your Vehicle

The moment you arrive at camp, start cooling your vehicle by either starting the air conditioner on your RV or turning on the generator to run the mobile air conditioner unit. This will instantly make you feel better while decreasing the temperature inside your motorhome. Do not open the windows. The warm air will find its way inside, and the cool air from the air conditioner will find its way out. The same goes if you are using a fan. Although the fan doesn’t have quite the same cooling power, it will help lower the temperature and move around the air.

2. Buy More Fans



You can’t rely on one fan to do the job for your whole RV. Especially if you have a numerous family members crowded in there. You should buy at least one fan for every two people.

3. Cover Your Windows

Nothing heats up the inside of an RV quicker than the sun shinning through the windows. A great solution is to cover your windows with a product like Reflectix that repels the sun and keep the heat away from your RV. Be sure to cover all your windows (since the sun changes direction throughout the day), or just the part where the sun shines and open a window on the shaded side.

4. Choose Your Clothes Carefully



When the temperature heats up, our first instinct is usually to wear less clothes (or none at all). While this can cause temporary relief, it’s also important to pay attention to the type of clothing that you wear. Loose fit, breathable fabrics, and light colors are all good ways to keep it cool.

5. Use a Wet Towel or Sponge

When your body reaches maximum heat capacity, use a damp sponge or a towel to cool your body temperature down. Sponge down your head, your chest, your back and any other spot that feels hot to the touch. After your skin becomes moist stand in front of the fan and enjoy that cool, cool air.

6. Learn How to Sleep in The Heat

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to sleep in hot weather. Here are a few tips that should help keep you cool. Pack a comfortable crisp cotton sheet to lie on, and another to cover you, open a window to let in some breeze, and add a bedside fan that will blow on your face or feet for extra comfort.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you find yourself camping on a hot day. Happy RVing!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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