Enjoy a Hot Tub in the Wild!


Is this the greatest camping invention ever? It just might be!


heating water nomad style






Have you ever come back to camp after a long hike and wished you could soak in a tub? A 225-gallon vinyl portable hot tub, called the “Nomad” collapsible tub, will make your wish come true.

Full size nomad tub

The Nomad collapsible hot tub is 24 inches high and has a 60 inch diameter and collapses into a 16×16-inch bag. The tub uses a Honda WX10 water pump, or something similar, to fill it up from any available water source, if you aren’t too keen on filling a 225-gallon tub using a bucket.


Nomad hot tub coil

The Nomad tub coil uses wood or propane to heat up the water, and it can double as a fire pit. The fully-assembled tank is 5-feet across and provides enough room for four adults to soak in.


This type of luxury doesn’t come cheap though, as the tub and frame retail for $550. The heater is priced at $625. If you would like to purchase both, be prepared to part with a cool $1000.


The Nomad tub is still the most portable tub you can find for your next camping adventure.

What do you think of the hot tub in the wild? Comment below and tell us!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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