The Incredible “Hope Cottage” Mobile Home


When the 10-foot wide coach was introduced in the US, the term “mobile home” came to life. The Hope Cottage is described as a “glamping bed and breakfast.”

The adorable cottage is a thrilling experience you won’t believe. Take a look.

hope cottage
 It is located in La Conner, Washington, and is a great place to go and unwind from it all. All the usual amenities in a house are readily available.
Hope Island mobile Cottages

The house known as the Hope Cottage is mobile, but stays parked.

Hope cottage stairs
It features stairs that lead to a loft, which is the sleeping area. The stairs also serve as storage area.
Storage and Kitchen in the Hope cottage

The coolest part of the house is undoubtedly the gorgeous full bathroom with shower, toilet and glass-encased sauna. The sauna has WIFI and a TV, as well as a BOSE sound system.

The floors, walls, and ceiling are also finished in a light wood.
Hope cottage interior

The exterior is made of timber siding and a metal roof.

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