Holiday Detox – Getting Back on Track While You’re on the Road

To be sure, indulgent food is one of the best parts of the holidays — from Grandma’s famous stuffing to the cakes, tarts, and Christmas cookies that suddenly seem to cover every surface area.

But what starts out as a delicious, exciting treat can soon turn into a wintery downer. All that sugar can knock down your energy level, not to mention make your favorite pair jeans suddenly seem as though they shrunk a size or two since September.

Of course, it’s okay to enjoy a few of your favorite treats this winter season. It’s part of the celebration!

But if you tend to go a little bit overboard (and who doesn’t?), you might be looking for ways to exercise some damage control come the new year.

Getting back on track after the holidays is difficult in the best of circumstances, and doubly so if you’re on the road. But it’s not impossible! Here’s our best advice on how to detox and restart your healthy lifestyle after the holiday season.

Healthy Post-Holiday Detox

From three-day organic juice cleanses to detoxifying herbal tea supplements, there are a whole lot of products out there on the market promising to help you reboot after a holiday binge — or any period of eating too much junk.

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But are they actually healthy? Can drinking juice for three days really help you feel better after eating junk food?

Well, ditching everything but juice for three days might help you lose your vacation weight gain quickly. But that doesn’t mean it’s actually a good idea for your health.


There’s no need to take on extreme fad diets or trendy “cleanses” to get yourself back to your healthy weight (and non-jittery blood sugar level) after your holiday festivities. Instead, it’s all about getting back to your normal, healthy diet plan and regular exercise regime like you do for the rest of the year.

By focusing on eating fresh, whole foods and making sure you move your body in some fashion each way, healthy living becomes a lifestyle, not a band-aid. It’s also more likely to give you the lasting results you want.

After all, if you go to extremes to “detox” after a holiday, you’ll probably be miserable with your restricted food choices and fall right back into those unhealthy patterns after the detox is “done” — if you finish it in the first place. And besides, most cleanses and fad diets are unhealthy anyway; your body needs a wide variety of nutrients, proteins, healthy fats, and minerals. You can’t get all that from a juice, no matter what it’s made of!

Detox from Holiday Food

So, now we know the best way to detox post-holiday is not to “detox” at all, but rather to recommit to a healthy lifestyle every day.

Great, you might be thinking… but how do I adapt a healthy post-holiday diet and exercise routine to being on the road?

If you live in your rig full time, or travel frequently, it can seem impossible to maintain any semblance of a normal schedule, which makes fitting in time for exercise seem daunting. And with so many local delicacies to try at each of your destinations, sticking to a post-holiday diet might feel like a chore.

But we promise it’s not actually that difficult! Lots of healthy food is as delicious as it is nutritious, and easy to prepare as well. And exercise doesn’t have to mean spending time on a treadmill — in fact, traveling is a great way to get more exercise than you would while stuck at home!

After-Holiday Detox Plan

So, ready to kick off this healthy holiday “detox” — which is actually just a sustainable way of eating and exercising to stay happy and fit?

Here are our best tips for getting back with your healthy lifestyle on track on the road.

1. Find some favorite recipes.

First of all, you don’t have to deny yourself delicious food in the service of weight loss or health. There are all sorts of amazing healthy recipes, whether you’re looking for winter soups or something light for the coming warmer days.

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Beef and red bean chili packs a punch of protein for those workouts you’re about to take back up, and it’s so warm and rich you’ll be satisfied after just one bowl. Healthy carbs will kick up your energy levels, and there’s no more delicious (or easy!) way to get them than roasted butternut squash. And if you think salad automatically means boring, think again — this Greek zoodle version will prove your theory wrong once and for all. And if you really want to try “detox juice,” better to make your own than buy some overpriced “cleanse”!

One of the very best things about RV travel is having your very own kitchen to cook in, and doing so can help you reach your goals and save money. Don’t be afraid of the occasional meal out… but take advantage of your mobile kitchen, too!

2. Get outside.

Exercise couldn’t be simpler when you’re traveling by RV. After all, they do call it camping… you’re more than likely in some stunning natural areas!

Get outside and take a hike, or try your skills at something more demanding like kayaking or even mountain climbing. You might be surprised what you can do, and you’ll be having so much fun it won’t feel at all like exercise.

3. Stuck indoors? You can still get moving!

If the weather keeps your workout indoors, that’s no problem. There are tons of fun, easy ways to get your sweat on without stepping foot out of your RV!

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Get some resistance bands or a stability ab ball to create a mobile gymnasium that can be easily folded up for storage. A small set of various dumbbells makes a great addition to any RVer’s go-to fitness gear, as well. You can find all sorts of movements and even full-on exercise programs to follow on YouTube, as well as dedicated fitness apps like Fitocracy or the Seven-Minute Workout. There are so many easy workouts that are totally free!

We know that if you’re committed and you persevere, you can get healthy after the holidays — and stay that way for many years to come.

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