High Camp Teardrop Trailers Combine Nostalgic Design with Modern Amenities


It’s no secret that teardrop trailers are often thought of as relics from the past. But recent trends in the industry are helping these iconic trailers make a strong comeback. The High Camp Teardrop Trailer Company, based out of Portland, Oregon, plays a key role in the trend of turning an old classic into a new modern.

Gizmag reports that the High Camp’s founder Dennis Caron was inspired to create the company from his own passions. His marriage in 1999 sparked a cross-country road trip that took him from a white collar career as a business appraiser in Manhattan, all the way to Portland on the other side of the country.

It was here that he fell in love — not with a woman, but with the teardrop trailer, which seemed to be the perfect tiny alternative to his two-person tent setup.

However, as Gizmag reports, Caron wasn’t content with the flawed options available in the market, particularly in their galley designs. Caron improved upon these by incorporating a stainless steel cooler into his trailer’s galley hatch, as well as a unique three-burner cooktop setup attached to a hidden 11 lb propane tank and featuring a wooden cover that acts as extra counter space when the burners are not in use. Storage abounds in his galley, which also features two storage cabinets and two deeper storage areas beneath the counter.

The clever add-ons don’t end with the rear galley. The main cabin is also full of some pretty cool features. Storage surrounds the four-inch thick queen-size mattress, with compartments in the headboard, open cubbies beside the bed, upper cabinets and collapsible cupholders. The cabin has ventilation through screen windows on the side doors and a roof vent/fan that — get this — automatically closes if it senses rain.

Here are a few of the High Camp Trailer’s specs:

  • The body sits on a chassis welded from 2 x 2-inch square steel tubing. The chassis houses a wiring harness that controls the running lights, electric brakes, and battery charging from the tow vehicle’s alternator.
  • The wheels are secured to the frame by a Rockwell American 2,500-lb torsion axle.
  • Total size: 12 feet long x 7 feet wide x 5.5 feet high / The interior cabin is 40-inches from the top of the mattress to the ceiling.
  • Dry weight: 1,250 lb / Tongue weight: 165 lb.
  • The exterior is aluminum and the interior is lined with birch plywood.

It’s now been a year since Caron left his previous life and started his own business selling these stylish trailers that start at $14,900 with many available add-ons and accessories, Browse through the company’s unique products website, High Camp Trailers.