Top 7 “Must Haves” That Define A Great RV Park

Thousands of campers travel to RV parks every summer. Yet the question remains, what makes one RV park better than another? What is it that makes certain parks stand out from the pack?

While personal preference has a lot to do with enjoyment, there are  7 “MUST HAVE” requirements I think every RV Park needs.

Read through the list and see if you agree. If you think I missed something, add it to the comment box below.  I’d like to know what makes your camping experience out of this world!

#1: Create A Community, Not A Parking Lot

Walmart offers free parking for RV’s at many of their locations. If the price is FREE, then a parking lot is fine. If an RVer is paying for a spot, a parking lot posing as an RV Park makes travelers angry. Great RV parks create a community feel. Each space has a private feel with a bit of distance between you and your neighbor. Trees are an important feature, as is grass and individual parking pads. The whole purpose of owning a recreational vehicle is to connect with nature. A parking lot just doesn’t do that! The really great RV Parks choose a theme that compliments the surrounding environment. Whether it’s airplanes, county western, or family fun, an overall theme adds a personal touch to any park.

#2: Give Me WiFi Or Give Me Death

Full-time RV'ing

Remember when HBO was a big deal? Hotels large and small were proud to offer it as a booking incentive. Today, travelers want high speed WiFi included in the cost of their nightly space. The internet is an important part of most people’s day to day life. Some RVers use it for work, while others to watch TV (thus avoiding the cost of satellite on their rig). If you want to tick a traveler off, charge extra for WiFi, or offer a weak, useless signal. Good internet leads to happy campers. Full time RVers use WiFi for everything from banking to talking to their doctors via Skype. Technology and real life go hand in hand. So unless you are at “backwoods campground” and advertised as such, provide a great WiFi experience (who knows, your guests may actually stay longer)!

#3: Clean, Warm Bathrooms…And Keep the Hot Water Coming

People use an RV shower house for a variety of reasons, but one thing is consistent. EVERYONE wants a clean and well stocked shower house. There is nothing less appealing than stripping down in a cold room only to receive an even colder shower. BRRRR. Campers expect the basics like toilet paper, paper towels, hot water and shower. Want to impress us? Keep the place clean! Peeling paint and thin shower curtains lead to negative bathroom experience. Great RV Parks are proud of their restrooms and go out of their way to brag about them.

#4: Large, Well Thought Out Pull-Thus That Make a Grown Man Cry

pull through

Big rigs are only getting bigger. Without adequate road space an RV can have trouble turning the corner or maneuvering into their spot. Think that only effects large Class A motorhomes? Think again. Crowded RV parks make it difficult for any recreational vehicle to settle with ease.  A campground without defining space leads to a parking nightmare.  This can be especially frustrating in times of crisis when an emergency vehicle needs to enter the park. Great RV Parks provide clearly defined spaces so everyone knows where to park (and has room enough to do it)!

#5: Picnic Tables, With or Without Ants

Picnic tables are a camping essential. Great RV Parks assume an RVer is planning to eat outside, and go the extra mile to provide a table. A picnic table can be used for a dozen things, including folding laundry, playing games, BBQ and homework. Great RV Parks consider picnic tables a must and provide them free of charge.

#6: Generous Terms With Complete Full Disclosure

That brings me to the next “MUST HAVE.” No one likes to be nickeled and dimed. Great RV parks state their site price up front…and stick to it. Charging extra fees for dogs, kids, cars, etc. frustrates the weary traveler. Tell us upfront the bottom line and we will thank you for it later. Great RV Parks give bang for the buck and keep us coming back for more.

Traveler tip: Always ask about additional fees before you agree to stay at any park. You may find that a late check in or early check out will save you money. Don’t assume that a 10% Good Sam or AAA discount is the best you can do. Always ask*

Traveler Tip: Staying a week can often save you money. It’s not uncommon for an RV park to offer 1 or 2 free nights for a week long stay. You pay the rate of 5 nights and actually get 7.  Look at all the options before you book your stay!

#7: A Staff You Want to Hug

After a long weary day on the road, the last thing you want to see is a grumpy face at the check in desk. The best RV parks provide excellent, smiling service with a few little goodies to welcome you in (such as free coffee and cookies). A great staff is also well trained.  They know the local area, can give clear directions, and help you park your rig. When you stay at a Great RV Park you know that everything will be taken care of from the moment you pull in.

What do you think? Do you agree? Did I miss anything?

Leave your comments below so we can continue the conversation. Do you have a friend who RV’s? Share this article with them. Just pin it, tweet it, like it or share it.Oh, and thanks for reading this post!

What do you think?

How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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