This 1977 GMC Motorhome Is An American Classic

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It was the fist of its kind. Before GMC began producing motorhomes in 1973, people who wanted recreational vehicles were limited to choosing between a clunky bus and a travel trailer that they pulled with their primary vehicle.

GMC changed everything when it began putting 403 cu inch V8 Oldsmobile Toronado engines in 23 and 26-foot rigs that were not only easy to drive, but also had the modern conveniences of an apartment on wheels. They remain popular to this day. For example, consider Tony Weir’s relationship with the RV.

This is Tony being interviewed by a correspondent for USA Today at his rig. When he was a boy, his father bought a 1973 GMC motorhome. Evidently, Tony had a fondness for the experience because in 1989, he purchased a 1977 model and raised his three sons in it. He affectionately and proudly refers to it as the “’65 Mustang of motorhomes”.

“Classic Lines and Styling”

The classic lines and styling are a couple of aspects that Tony finds most appealing.

He also admires its easy to maneuver size. He boasts that his family has taken the rig “pretty much everywhere”.

“Incredibly Soft Ride”

The luxury drivability is likely Tony’s favorite characteristic of his coach. It has front wheel drive and a unique air suspension in the back.

When it’s parked, he can easily level his motorhome by inflating or deflating this airbag that serves as the suspension.

“Functional Interior”

GMC motorhomes were manufactured with an eye toward making the experience of staying in one as comfortable and as much like home as possible.

This wasn’t merely an alternative to camping; the GMC motorhome was a lifestyle choice.

Vintage Kitchen

With wood paneling and brown upholstery, the kitchen consists of classic 1970’s décor.

It is fully functional with the modern appliances offered in that decade, as well as a double basin sink.

The master bedroom is in the rear.

Versatile Living Space

There is ample living space in the main area with the dinette and the sofa.

There are even accommodations for sleeping children or overnight guests.

With space-aged versatility, the sofa can be converted into a hammock.

It’s safely and securely held aloft with the seat belts.

In Conclusion

With its smooth ride and innovative interior, it is obvious why Tony Weir treasures his 1977 GMC motorhome. You can view the USA Today interview on the video below. If you enjoyed reading about Tony’s coach or found it inspiring, please share with your friends and family members. As the old adage states, “they just don’t make them like the used to”.

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