“Glamping” in a Bubble Hotel – You Won’t Believe the View

This ultimate vacation getaway is named the Attrap’Rêves Hotel. It features rooms described as “completely see through,” or “mostly see through.”

Mostly transparent room at the bubble hotel

The mostly transparent room

Each of the bubbles is secluded, so you don’t have to worry about being seen by, or seeing other, guests while inside.  The bubbles also have access to a completely opaque bathroom, but the sleeping area is encased in a clear plastic bubble. Each bubble is about 13-feet in diameter.

Mostly transparent room


The spheres maintain their shape due to a blower that continuously circulates air and oxygen into the bubble. Each bubble is set, so as to offer guests panoramic views of the Allauch countryside in Marseille.

The bubble hotel offers its guests “star maps” and telescopes, for their star-gazing pleasure. The private bubbles are temperature-controlled, and they have king-sized beds.

The nature room has grass flooring
The nature room has grass flooring


The site features six accommodating bubbles in total, with names such as Chic and Design, Zen, and Glamour, which really reveal their nature.

View from the nature bubble room
View from the nature bubble room


The “Nature” bubble has grass flooring, and it is in the remotest part of the bubble hotel. “Glamour” is ideal for honeymooners, as it offers more privacy and is shaped like a heart. The Moroccan-themed “1001 nights” bubble is adorned with silk fabrics and exotic lamps.

Transparent bubble room at night


During the off-season, expect to spend 109 Euros to sleep in a bubble room for a night, with or without your partner, however, during the high season, each room goes for 188 Euros.

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