People Who Crave Luxury Go Glamping

Rocks, mosquitos, ticks, filthy outhouses and showers, tricky tent set-ups, random unexpected storms: who doesn’t love camping? Some manufacturers have taken motorhome production to a whole new level with high-end deluxe buses and coaches. Although these RVs are priced at a level that many would only spend on a more traditional home, the majority are purchased by the “well-to-do” as vacation vehicles.


Melinda Crow

Whether you can afford one, or whether you even want one, you have likely wondered what a high end motorhome looks like on the inside. Once you take this brief tour, consider sharing it with your friends and family to give them a little taste of the extravagant lifestyle, then hook up your old faithful and hit the open road.

Superior Power

Most high-end motorhomes use diesel as their fuel of choice. It’s what is required to withstand powering the weight of the larger than usual vehicles down the road. Although they will usually be found attached to shore power, they are typically equipped with onboard generators to run the refrigerator, television, heating and cooling, etc. when boondocking.

Many of them have solar panels installed that help charge the batteries, as well.

The Living Space

The living space of a high-end motorhome is part of what makes traveling in it glamping, rather than merely camping. The interior is outfitted like the most modern, high-end home featuring high-quality materials. Hardwood cabinets, leather upholstery, marble floors, and granite countertops are common in these RVs. For that matter, many floors come equipped with built-in, radiant heating for ultimate comfort, and others feature a fireplace in the living room.

Mutiple high-definition televisions with surround sound populate the high-end “glamping” motorhome. They can be found in the kitchen, the living room, over bunks, and they usually retreat behind a cabinet door or within a counter when not in use to remain inconspicuous.

Most of the electronics are controlled at the touch of a button from a remote computer tablet that is often included in the cost of the coach. Keep in mind; these are the highest-end rigs. Also, LED lighting, which uses less power, is often utilized throughout. It illuminates the ceiling, the floor, the inside of cabinets, under the bed, under the window treatments, and all of the other nooks and crannies.

The Deluxe Galley

These are not the “back of the trailer galleys” that most people are used to. These are full kitchens with a residential refrigerator, dishwasher, and even garbage disposals. They often have a washer and drier installed, as well.

They are typically equipped with microwaves, convection ovens, and induction ranges. On some of the most expensive, outside barbecues and refrigerators make outdoor entertaining a breeze.

Impressive Bathroom

Most models over $500,000 include a half bath in addition to the full bath.

Handcrafted sinks of glass or even solid gold with LED lights mark a “glamping” RV.

In fact, all of the appliances are glass, marble, and tile with shower heads to die for, and “real” toilets.

Sleeping Like a Baby

The bedroom—or bedrooms—that these rigs include ensure occupants will never want to leave their beds. Some feature Sleep Number Beds, while others have fully adjustable models with remotes.

Foldout memory foam sofa beds and bunk beds provide sleep space for children or guests. Many of these bunks come equipped with their own TVs.

In Conclusion

Glamping combines the love of travel with the absolute comfort of home. Some people choose to buy big and enjoy a full-time RV lifestyle. Others spend their extra cash on high-priced vacation homes on wheels. Whether you plan to buy or just like looking, hopefully you enjoyed this short tour. Please share with your friends and family members who appreciate the finer things, as well as those who enjoy the great outdoors. Let them know that they can have the best of both worlds.

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