Kick Back in Style: 4 Droolworthy Places to Set up “Glamp”

We get it. Roughing it isn’t for everyone.

But if your idea of a perfect vacation combines the great outdoors with the lap of luxury, good news: there’s already a perfect solution.

Glam camping, or “glamping,” is the travel lifestyle you seek. It’s the kind of getaway where you might kick off your hiking boots at the end of the day only to sip fine wine, nibble fancy cheese and then sink into a bed made up with silk sheets.

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And yes, in case you’re wondering, RVing totally fits the bill in many cases… especially if you can get someone else to do the driving!

But whether you hit the road in a motorhome or travel trailer, or even the good ol’ family Jeep, glamping is the perfect way to combine the liberation and relaxation of road tripping with all the finer things in life.

What is Glam Camping?

So, before we dive into the best glam camping sites and glamping resorts in the USA, let’s start at the beginning. What’s the definition of glamping in the first place?

Well, the word itself is a portmanteau of “glamour,” or “glam,” and “camping” — so it’s all about kicking back in the great outdoors in comfort and style. Think all the starry skies and none of the mosquitos. You might be sleeping in a tent, yurt, cabin or RV, but you definitely won’t be on the bare ground in a sleeping bag!

Glamping vs. Camping

Glamping is a great way to travel whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a stress-free vacation with your kids. And while it’s not always as cheap as regular tent or car camping, it’s totally worth the upgrade. In many cases, when you go glam camping, you’ll pretty much feel as if you walked into a stunning photo on Pinterest.

Romantic vistas, delicious gourmet meals, and comfortable bedding make glamping the best way to see the country for those unwilling to compromise. Because, let’s face it — for some of us, sleeping in a plain old tent is just not an option.

Best Glam Camping

You can set up an amazing glampsite yourself… if you’ve got the right gear at your disposal. Upgrades like air mattresses and comfy sheets can elevate any outdoor sleeping location. Making mealtime feel fancy is also part of the point, so investing in a nice picnic basket or set of good (but fairly sturdy) wine glasses can help complete the transformation.

Traveling in an RV makes any camping trip a little bit more glampy, of course. After all, sleeping on real furniture beats even the best air mattress!

But if you really want to step up your game, the secret is to have someone else do the preparations for you. That way, all you’ve got to do is navigate yourself to the glampsite — and be ready to enjoy a sinfully relaxing vacation.

Glamping Sites

So — learned enough about what glamping’s about, and ready to get going for yourself?

Here are some of the best glamping sites and locations in the country so you can go glamping for your next adventure.

1. Arapaho Valley Ranch, Granby, Colorado

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Whether you choose a classic glamping tent, a log cabin or a tipi, Arapaho Valley Ranch is the perfect place to kick back during your Colorful Colorado vacation. Their accommodations feature plush, freshly-turned bedding and a fully stocked kitchen, so you’ll have all the comforts of home during your camping trip.

Just northwest of Boulder, Granby is centrally located to all the outdoor fun the Centennial State has to offer.

Click here to find RVshare rentals in the Granby area.

2. Asheville Glamping, Asheville, North Carolina

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Ah, Asheville. Where else can you spend a day chasing waterfalls or climbing a mountain only to follow it up with an evening meandering around a town with — seriously — the highest number of breweries per capita in the country?

If you’re looking for a fab place to base your stay in Beer City, USA, look no further than Asheville Glamping. And don’t forget to complete your glammed-up camping trip with a trip to the Biltmore!

Click here to find RVshare rentals in the Asheville area.

3. Conestoga Ranch, Bear Lake, Utah

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Utah is the only state with not one or two, but four national parks inside its borders. So if you’re looking to fill in that National Park Passport with all the stamps, stat, it’s gotta be at the top of your list.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fancy while you explore the great outdoors. Conestoga Ranch offers a variety of chic glamping options and amenities, from on-site yoga and massages to an arcade — er, game tent. Along with proximity to a variety of outdoor ventures, Garden City also attracts a variety of entertaining events and live music. In short, you’ll find plenty of ways to have fun even if you never step foot off the glampground.

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4. Silver Bullet Retreats, Florida

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This just in: RVing kind of is glamping. And a beautiful Airstream travel trailer hand-delivered to the Florida campground of your choice is just about as good as luxury camping gets.

That’s exactly the service offered by Silver Bullet Retreats, which will tow a vintage Airstream to any Floridian campground of your choosing. You get all the relaxation of RV life without the drive time or setup. Talk about a vacation!

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Looking for even more luxury camping options? Search “glamping near me” to see what resorts and glampsites exist in your area, and don’t forget: an RVshare RV makes any camping trip feel luxurious and indulgent!

RVshare has tons of listings available all across the country, no matter what kind of rig you’re after or when you’re planning to travel. Click here to find your dream RV rental — AKA your personal glamp-mobile — today.

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