Garage Themed Pub Serves Drinks From Its VW Camper

Now we’ve seen everything. The Jubilee Garage Pub in Bourne, U.K. Recently put in a VW Camper van bar. Since the location was originally a garage they thought having an actual vehicle upstairs would make the place come alive!

The 1972 Volkswagen Camper Van had the windows removed and a bar placed inside. Truth be told, it looks pretty cool. Around the rig are vintage petrol signs from the 1950s and ’60s. Guests absolutely love this idea and bring their friends and family just to visit the VW.


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Not to be outdone, a Volkswagen dealer in Dundalk, Ireland used a vintage VW Golf and turned it into a guest coffee bar. The back end features drinks and snacks and is bringing people in just to see the thing!

Do you know of any crazy camper ideas? Share them in the comment box below, then please share this story with your friends. Thanks.

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