Food-Loving Family Road Trips You’ll Love

Published on February 24th, 2022

We know RVers love seeing the amazing outdoor places located across the country. But another fantastic benefit of an RV road trip is trying the regional food! Food-based road trips are a fun way for the entire family to try something new. If you consider yourself a foodie, try heading to one of these spots for your next food-loving RV road trip!

Foodie Road Trips in the East and South

From tangy barbecue to authentic Cajun to fresh oysters, the eastern and southern part of the U.S. are full of amazing food trails to explore.

Buffalo Wing Trail – New York

First up is Buffalo Niagara, the World Capital of Wings! The Buffalo Wing Trail has 14 different pubs and taverns offering a crazy variety of flavors. Choose from hot, smoky, tangy, or try unique and fun flavors specially made by the restaurants. Besides your typical wings, these pubs also offer a variety of buffalo style dishes like sandwiches and salads. Many of these places are old neighborhood bars so it’s a fun way to check out the city’s restaurant scene while eating delicious chicken wings. Be sure to stop by Anchor Bar, the home of the original buffalo wings back in 1964.

Cajun Bayou Food Trail – Louisiana

Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Food Trail is located 45 minutes south of New Orleans throughout the towns of Lafourche Parish. Start in Thibodaux and head down the Bayou to the different restaurants on the trail to experience incredible seafood, boudin, po’boys, and flavorful Cajun dishes. You can head to the official website to print off a passport or stop by Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Visitor Center to get a hard copy. And if you stop at any 5 spots along the trail and get your passport stamped, you’ll get a free t-shirt to commemorate your trip!

North Alabama Barbecue Trail – Alabama

Fans of barbecue (or barbeque or BBQ) will want to take their RV to Alabama to explore the North Alabama Barbecue Trail. Over 32 restaurants are on this trail with authentic Alabama style barbecued beef, pork, and chicken. Dig into a rack of ribs, savor some pulled pork, or indulge in wings, and don’t forget the sides! You can download the list of restaurants and map on the official website, and they also have an app you can download to keep all the information right on your phone.

Virginia Oyster Trail – Virginia

The Virginia Oyster Trail offers visitors more than delicious food – although there’s plenty of that too! This foodie trail is also focused on eco-tourism experiences and teaching travelers about the region. So what does that mean for visitors? In addition to trying the local seafood at over 20 restaurants, you can also take a tour of an oyster farm, go on a kayak trip, and visit the Waterfront Museum. The official website has a list of all sites on the trail and breaks it up into seven different categories so you can easily find exactly what you want to do and eat next.

Food-Loving Family Road Trips in the Midwest

Heading to the Midwest on your next road trip? Whether you like sweet or savory, these kid friendly trails will make everyone in your food-loving family happy.

Donut Trail – Ohio

Craving cinnamon rolls? Fantasizing about fritters? Dreaming of Danish? Those with a sweet tooth will want to check out the Donut Trail in Butler County, Ohio. This trail includes 13 different mom and pop donut shops to fill your sugar craving needs. If you check out the official website you can download a map and passport. And if you hit all the shops you can get a free t-shirt to flaunt your passion for pastries.

Tenderloin Trail – Indiana

Sandwich lovers need to check out the Tenderloin Trail in Hamilton County, Indiana. If you’re not familiar with a tenderloin, in this part of the country it’s referring to a giant pork cutlet (usually breaded and fried, although grilled is also an option) on a toasted bun. There’s a variety of toppings that can be added, which is part of the fun of the Tenderloin Trail. There are over 50 restaurants spread across the county to choose from. Head to the website for a map of all locations and join in the debate of exactly how to eat a giant tenderloin sandwich!

Food-Loving Road Trips in the West and Southwest

Fruit Loop – Oregon

Located in Oregon, the Hood River Fruit Loop is a 35 mile long scenic loop through the Hood River Valley. The loop has 26 agricultural businesses that offer everything from fruit, vegetables, wine, food, flowers, beer, and ciders. If you visit during the summer and fall harvest seasons there are even pick your own fruit, vegetable, and flower spots. And be sure to stop by the local restaurants along the way for a bite to eat. You can find a map of the loop and a list of businesses on the official website.

“Walk of Flame” Green Chile Trail – New Mexico

Can’t get enough spice in your life? Head to Las Cruces, New Mexico to the “Walk of Flame” Green Chile Trail. Las Cruces is just south of Hatch, home of the famous Hatch green chiles. The restaurants on this spicy foodie lover’s trail include everything from green chile ice cream sundaes, green chile cheeseburgers, green chile pizzas, and chile margaritas. And of course there’s plenty of salsa and canned chiles to purchase and take with you. And if you want to learn more about the chile industry, there’s even a Chile Pepper Institute Visitor Center on the New Mexico State College campus.

Wherever your foodie adventures take you next, RVshare has all the information you need to get there. And if you’re looking for an RV rental, check out our fantastic selection of RVs near you.

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