Duncan’s DIY Truck Camper Is Perfect For Winter Camping

Do you love winter camping? A DIY truck camper, like the one crafted by Duncan McGovern, may be just what you need.

This DIY truck camper comes with a special fuel tank, a Tiny Tot wood stove, and lots of insulation. All these amenities make it perfect for camping during those cold winter nights.


Do it Yourself RV

Duncan’s DIY truck camper is  mounted on the back of a 1991 Ford F-250 7.3L diesel truck. To make it bigger he built a custom flatbed frame that gave him more space to work with.

This truck has a lot of power. In fact, Duncan says he has put it to the test. For instance, he took it to the top of Beartooth pass, while towing a snowmobile. He admits that it’s not the fastest vehicle on the road. But what it lacks in speed, it makes up for with plenty of power.

It’s a well known fact that these older trucks don’t handle cold starts well. So the DIY truck camper also has a block heater that Duncan uses to warm the engine up. It works especially well on those cold winter mornings.

Interested in learning more about the build? Check out the following facts:

  • The camper doesn’t have a toilet so Duncan could maximize the amount of space
  • The camper is wired for speakers
  • It has LED lighting
  • Heat exchanger for a winterized SVO system
  • Two solenoid valves
  • New lift pump

After living and traveling in his beloved DIY truck camper, Duncan decided to sell the vehicle. It now has a new owner who is sure to keep up the tradition of adventure.

Would you like your own truck camper? Just like Duncan, you too can enjoy all the adventure that camping has to offer. Happy Building!

Source: Doityourselfrv.com

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