This Doomsday Camper Looks Pretty Cool

Are you a prepper planning for the end of the world? If so, you will appreciate this camper. This customized 1984 Mercedes Unimog was originally designed to go anywhere and survive!

Now the utility vehicle is getting a whole new use as the ultimate end of times camper. This sleek RV is a masterpiece of design, utilitarianism and extreme off-road capability. What more could a prepper ask for more?


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Code named, “The Flying Tortoise”, everything in the rig can be fastened down and tucked out of sight. It’s the perfect vehicle for both survival and long term use, and it’s the home of worldwide travelers, Susan and Klaus.

This RV was originally intended for use during the Kosovo war. Now it’s a tiny home on wheels traveling the earth one road at a time. Unimogs are built to last and can traverse through water, snow, and up and down the nastiest roads known to mankind.  They are built for extreme environmental situations and are perfect for escaping in a hurry.


Recently, the show Doomsday Preppers has featured the end of the world fascination from fall out shelters to how to pack a “bug out bag.” Now they can add tiny homes to their list. This Unimog is an impressive example of the ultimate camper.

What do you think? Would you drive this beast? Why or why not? Add your thoughts in the comment box below. When you’re done, please share this story with your friends! Thanks.

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