Divorcee Discovers the Joy of Owning a Motorhome

Life tends to throw us curveballs, and when it does, we must find a way to deal with them.

Val Robertson was crushed when she realized that she may never embark on a touring holiday ever again. Prior to their divorce, Val and her ex-husband had been caravanning abroad for approximately eight years. When we become so accustomed to something, whether it’s a way of life, a favorite food, or annual family vacations, it is undoubtedly difficult to have that stripped away from you. Unfortunately, Val was forced to deal with this difficult feeling.

However, in time she was able to find a suitable remedy… She purchased her very own motorhome!

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Luckily for Val, she shares a treasured bond with her family. After witnessing the difficult time she was going through, they urged her to treat herself to a camper van, an important piece of her life that went missing after her divorce. Val’s son-in-law devoted a considerable amount of time towards researching different motorhomes in the area that would be suitable for her. He came across a Ford Freda located in nearby Chichester.

When Val decided she would have a look at this motorhome, she couldn’t be more joyful declaring, “it was the perfect size”.

Once she purchased the motorhome, it didn’t take long for Val and her boarder collie to hit the road. Since this was her first time touring solo, she considered it to be a jittery experience. Nonetheless, after touring alone multiple times, she is proud to say that she is happy going solo.

Val is not afraid to admit that she’s not much of an adventurous person, however, the thing she loves most about her motorhome is the freedom that it provides. For Val, “the independence is wonderful!”.

She visits many places, but her favorite happens to be the beautiful Normans Bay Caravanning and Camp Club located in Pevensey, East Sussex. This venue provides her with the freedom to taking her dog for runs along the gorgeous shingle beach as well as visit the bi-weekly farmer’s market.

Although Val enjoys traveling solo, she encourages her friends to join her for these relaxing journeys. Not only do her friends enjoy tagging along, but her grandchildren do too. Val mentions that it is always a treat when they decide to join her for special picnics on the downs.

Even though this motorhome has a primary purpose of embarking on tours, Val claims that she uses it as her main vehicle as well… Hey, a vehicle is intended for driving, right?

It is far from a secret that Val Robertson is a proud divorcee who strongly encourages others to consider purchasing a motorhome. Currently, she lives by the following words, “the best thing about my motorhome is that I don’t have to feel sorry for myself at home; I can get out in my camper van and enjoy myself”.

Thanks to her family, Val is currently occupied with an recreational activity that she previously enjoyed for eight years with her ex-husband. Although she went through a difficult time with her divorce, she has discovered a fantastic way to make peace with it. When going through this life-changing experience, Val strongly urges others that find themselves in similar situations to consider purchasing a motorhome. As Val like to say, ” it is the best way to get out there and truly enjoy life”.

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