DecoLiner RV: See It to Believe It

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This is no ordinary RV. When the double-decker DecoLiner drives down the road, people turn and stare; people remember it. It isn’t everyday that they see a motorhome that is steered from the roof.

This is the brainchild of auto-designer Randy Grub. He is a member of the Blastolene Brotherhood, which is an informal group of artists who work independently, while providing emotional support and encouragement to each other. Grub has designed many unique vehicles, including this one. Peruse the photos of this futuristic looking machine, and share them with your like-minded friends.

The DecoLiner’s Frame

The frame of this unusual RV started with the chassis of a 1973 GMC motorhome. It is lower than most, which allowed Grub to add a second seating area on top of the first, while still letting it glide easily beneath overpasses.

The bizarre mashup continued when he added a cab from a 1955 White COE truck, giving it the rounded front-end.

The DecoLiner’s Exterior

With the rounded front and the teardrop-shaped profile, the 26-foot aluminum vehicle has an aerodynamic appearance. At about about 7,000 pounds, and a maximum speed of around 75mph, it gets great mileage, as well.

The real draw, however, is the flying bridge. This comes complete with a driving station, as well as space for five additional passengers, on top of the motorhome.

The DecoLiner’s Drive-ability

Similar to the Oldsmobile Toronado, the DecoLiner RV has an Oldsmobile 455, and a front-wheel-drive TH425 transaxle. This improves maneuverability.

When creating a motorhome that could be driven from the roof (similar to steering a yacht), the chassis of the vehicle would need to be low enough to allow for the extra height. The low-profile enabled Grub to build the second deck on top and still remain under the 13-foot needed to clear overpasses.

The DecoLiner’s Top View

In the luxurious tradition of houseboats and yachts, the DecoLiner RV is able to be navigated from the helm on top, as this photograph shows. A removable steering wheel, and a steering column conversion, make this possible.

Providing the allure of an RV with the wind-in-your-hair freedom of a convertible, the seating on the roof accommodates a total of six individuals. These are accessed from a staircase on the back.

The DecoLiner’s Helm

The vehicle is also capable of being driven in the traditional way, and the interior upholstery is extravagant and comfortable.

The windows are large enough to allow an unencumbered view. This photo shows the steering column, when the motorhome is being driven from the seating on the roof.

The DecoLiner’s Interior

The interior is furnished with custom-built, leather-upholstered seating. It has a fully-functioning kitchen, with an icebox and stove. The sofa is a convertible futon.

The windows consist of portals similar to those found in boats. In all, the project took around 5000 hours of work.

In Conclusion

Some people are content to invest in a typical motorhome or fifth-wheel. The DecoLiner RV attracts the other kind of people. Those who seek out this vehicle want be noticed for their unusual and extravagant tastes. They want to be remembered as being just a bit more adventuresome and flamboyant than the average camper.

With the rooftop access, to the steering capabilities, this rig provides a luxurious driving experience usually reserved for the captain of a yacht. Please share this with anyone who loves RVs, has a taste for the futuristic, or likes innovation. This RV is too remarkable not to.

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