RVshare Customer Highlights

At RVshare, it’s our mission to create happy campers. We want both our renters and owners to walk away from their experience extremely satisfied. In this video, you’ll see a few quick clips from some of our customers.

They’ll be sharing their stories and how their experiences with RVshare were a success. We want you to hear from real customers! A few of the exciting tidbits they share include:

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Receiving emails the day after listing from potential renters!

Realizing that people want the experience of driving a house around.

Providing the opportunity to share something that facilitates a trip of a life time!

Has 100% changed our lives!

We might have to buy another one and have a mini fleet!

We are so happy to hear from families that are embracing the RV lifestyle and setting out on amazing trips.

There are two ways to get the RVshare experience. As a renter and as an owner.

Renters can simply visit our website, RVshare.com, and search for the perfect RV rental for their upcoming vacation. All you need to input to get started is the location you’ll want to pick the RV up from and the pick up and drop off date. From there, you’ll be matched up with available campers, and have the opportunity to find one that is the right size and fit for your group.

RV owners have the opportunity to list your RV with RVshare for free to start earning money! It’s a great way to make a second income, and to help your RV pay for itself! You can expect 1-on-1 support & training, 24/7 roadside assistance, the potential to earn $120 to $365/day, rental insurance coverage, and renter verification checks.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from some of our satisfied customers!

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