10 Astonishing Custom RVs That Are Sure to Delight


Whether you have a lot of money to burn, or you’re working with a modest budget, the right RV for you is out there. If you really want something unique, why not consider a custom built RV? Custom RVs come in all types of materials, sizes, and shapes.

There are a lot of companies who build custom RVs. Or it you are the handy type, why not build or own? For a bit of inspiration take a look at these spectacular custom RVs.

1. Tumbleweed Homes

These tiny yet comfortable home away from homes are rising in popularity. Not everyone wants a gigantic trailers or motorhome, and Tumbleweed Houses fill the niche of a small, functional trailer.  Tumbleweed offers plans for numerous designs that can be customized from the roof all the way to the light switches. I wonder if you could fit a fireplace in there?

2. The Steampunk RV



A vehicle straight out of a Mad Max movie. The builder of this amazing RV was channeling some serious creative juices when they came up with this design. Built by Obtainium Works, this multi-story vehicle has attended every Burning Man festival since 2006. It is now available for rent. Pretty inspiring right?

3. A Motorcycle-home

Does the biker in you say no to large RVs? Well how about this for an alternate choice? Designed by hobbyist David Castillo, this is a ferocious bike with a thirst for nature. This amazing bike/RV combo provides all the necessary comfort,  without sacrificing style and power.

4. The Housetruck



If you want to create your own RV, this is where you should start. Just buy an old used truck, remove most of the back, and install your personal home. You can add anything you want, from dining rooms, to pool rooms, or even an open air roof deck.

5. The Igloo RV

A captivating innovation brought to us by Mehrzeller, this igloo RV might be just right for you. The company can implant your desired design into your very own unique model. If you are a fan of complex shapes this might just be the RV for you.

6.   Stagecoach RV

If you like western films, than you should consider this stagecoach RV. This amazing RV was custom made out of a 1959 Easy Traveler by Heidi Byerly of the outdoor club, Sisters on the Fly. The wagon wheels and fake bullet holes are a nice touch don’t you think?

7. The Pixie House

Do you want to keep curious children out of your back yard? Well this Pixie house might just do the job. Even Hansel and Gretel would say away from this creepy looking RV. Just try to keep your fantasies in check. If you find yourself dressing up as a witch and placing a cauldron next to it you may have gone too far.

8. The Bicycle House

Think you have enough leg strength to pull this up a mountain? This tiny trailer might look low tech, but the amazing technology is hidden in the back. Simple extend it like an accordion and *poof*, you have a tiny house filled with compact furniture and even a small tub! It was designed by the People’s Industrial Design Office in China. Unfortunately, this is not yet on the market.

9.  The Barbershop RV

Mobile RV businesses are on the rise. The possibilities of RV mobile offices are endless. This particular RV Barber Shop was was dreamed up by entrepreneur Kush Kapila after enduring a bad haircut and a long wait. Check out the current location and book a cut it the Sterlings Mobile today.

10. The Awning 

The bike RV was inspired by this beauty. It’s probably the coolest custom RV ever invented. The Awning was designed by Dutch artist Edward Bohlingk over thirty years ago. In it’s folded form it’s easy to pull down the road, and when you reach your destination, simply fold it out and this amazing RV triples in size.

In conclusion

Custom RVs are rising in popularity everyday. People come up with wacky, yet efficient designs that challenge the traditional RV market. Who knows what they will come up with next.

What do you think? Are you interested in a custom RV? Let us know in the comments below.

What do you think?

How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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