Creating a Cheap Awning Protector for Your RV

If you need an awning protector for your RV, why spend a ton of money when you can make your own? 

Your RV’s awning requires protection from dirt, debris, and bugs. Luckily the cleaver folks over at Trailer Life RV came up with a simple, cheap way to make an awning protector out of a two liter bottle of soda (obviously empty).

This cover can even be attached to the rolled up awning while driving down the road. Simply attach is with using a bungee cord or just some rope. Let’s get started!

Creating the DIY Awning Protector


Begin with an empty, clean two liter soda bottle. Make sure you rinse out any sticky residue, to ensure it doesn’t attract bugs. 


Use a sharp utility knife to cut the head off the bottle. Make the cut roughly a quarter of the way down the bottle. 


Next, determine how big of a hole you will need at the bottom of the bottle to fit over the awning shaft. The easiest way to do this is by tracing the end of the shaft’s hole on the bottom of the bottle. Once you have the correct size, drill a hole through the bottom.

Using your utility knife once more, slice all the way from the top to the bottom hole.


Repeat for the other side and slide each of your DIY awning protectors onto the ends of your RV awning. That’s it!

This easy, simple DIY project only takes minutes, and could save you the hassle of cleaning and potential damage from dirt.

Interested in seeing a video of how to make this awning cover? Head on over to Do It Yourself

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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