9 of The World’s Coolest Campers NOT Named Airstream


Airstream trailers may be considered cool…but there are other ultra cool campers out there too. Cool campers like cabins on wheels, trailers that float, and a futuristic camper made from marble. If you’re looking for something that screams cool, here are 9 of the world’s coolest campers that are NOT named Airstream.

Moby 1 XTR Teardrop Trailer

Moby 1 XTR


The MOBY 1 XTR starts at $18,500 and features beautiful solid wood cabinetry. It looks rugged and is designed to travel over any terrain. The trailer frame is reinforced, and a roof top tent and optional tent awnings increase the livable space in this camper considerably.

The Sealander



Can’t decide between a camper or a boat? The Sealander has you covered on both fronts. The $20,000 Sealander is an amphibious vehicle that includes a sound system, sink, water pump, and two stainless steel gas cookers as optional extras.

Leaf House Version 2



Leaf house was formed in 2011 as a campers tailored to be as livable as possible. The house on wheels can accommodate a family of four and is built of spruce pine. Bamboo flooring, birch plywood ceilings, a sleeping loft, bathroom with shower, and a kitchen with refrigerator are just some of the amenities that you will find in this 97 square foot Leaf House.

Sheep Wagon



Get yourself a traditional style sheep wagon for only $12,500. Sheep wagons are built in Boise, Idaho and can be customized to your specific needs. The custom camper has a memory foam mattress, awnings, and an optional wood stove.

The Pod

Inspired by the 1940 teardrop caravans, the Pod has been in production for over 13 years. It is a modern teardrop camper built using fiberglass on a steel chasis.

The standard Pod costs 8,395 pounds, and comes with a birch interior. There are four models to choose from.

Standard features include a beautiful cream interior, a dining area that can seat four, and a sleeping space equivalent to that of a double bed. The rear hatch provides access to the kitchen. The pod has 34 square feet of space and weighs 705 pounds.

Mercury House One

The Mercury House One is 3 feet high and can be accessed from a little ramp. It is shaped like a drop, and was designed as a mobile living unit. This unique shaped home is powered by solar panels, and the body is covered with ultra thin white marble.


The cleaver design of the Innovan allows you to access 13 storage compartments from the inside. It can also be fitted with an external kitchen. The water tanks are molded into the floor, and a system of taps is located in the back right side of the camper.

The Innovan features a patented awing system called the Innoshield which can be pulled out in seconds and locks into place, negating the need for extra support in most weather conditions. The camper offers numerous other features and has a starting price of $34,980.

The Opera Tent Trailer

Glampers are in for luck as the Opera is as opulent a tent trailer as you can find. The practical shape and modern design of the trailer offers two electrically adjustable beds, a boiler, shower, refrigerator, LED lighting and more. The trailer sells for around $35,000.

Mehrzeller Concept Trailer

A new generation in mobile living is what Mehrzeller is trying to create with their completely customizable concept campers. The customer’s input is fed into a computer that in turn designs the perfect layout for your needs and taste. An architect is then brought in to do the final touches, and the caravan is manufactured to your specifications.

With 129 square feet of space the Mehrzeller can feature a double bed or lofted twin beds along with and a kitchen and dishwasher. Sadly, Mehrzeller are no longer producing the campers today.

What do you think? Which of these cool campers do you love? Let us know in the comments below.

What do you think?

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