Watch as a Concept Caravan is Built Right Before Your Very Eyes

Think the US is the only place to RV?  Think again!  All over the world people are hooking up their campers and heading out for an adventure. In the United States we call it RVing, while in Australia and much of Europe, they call it Caravaning.

In Australia one RV builder stands out from the rest. They are called Concept Caravans, and they build trailers for the Aussie market place. Concept Caravans puts an amazing amount of work into building their high quality RVs. Each camper is hand built from scratch for five long days. No assembly line here! A Concept Caravans RV is built to endure a long life on the road.

Take a peek: This amazing time lapse video shows the start to finish process of building a Concept Caravan RV compressed down from five days to five minutes. 

What do you think? Would you like an Australian built camper?  
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What do you think?