21 Awesome Celebrity RVs You Need To See

If you are famous, and have millions of dollars, then you’re gonna be rolling in an awesome RV. Check out these awesome celebrity RVs:

Matthew McConaughey’s Airstream RV

Actor, Matthew McConaughey, loves his RV so much, that he says occasionally he will sleep in it… while it’s PARKED in his driveway! He lovingly calls his RV home “The Canoe.”

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Zac Brown “Zac Brown Band”

The Zac Brown band is one of my favorite bands, and they have an amazing RV. The name of Zac’s RV is “THE RIDE!” What an awesome name for this RV.

Zac Brown RV 1

Zac Brown RV 2

Zac Brown RV 3


Zac Brown RV 4

Zac Brown RV 5

President Barak Obama’s RV

Other celebrities who have RVs, include Barack Obama – of course his has tinted windows, and a security detail.

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Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler has a girl’s ultimate dream RV, which includes an insane shoe rack for all those high heels.

Kellie Pickler RV 1

Kellie Pickler RV 2

Kellie Pickler RV 3

Kellie Pickler RV 4

Kellie Pickler RV 5

Kellie Pickler RV 6

Chris Brown

Justin Beiber and Selena Bomez recently took a romantic camping trip in Chris Brown’s 1.5 million dollar camper! Beiber and Brown are buds, and Brown let Beiber borrow his blinged-out camper to whisk Selena away for an RV excursion in southern California.

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Johnny Cash’s RV

Check out this classic. This was Johnny Cash’s motorhome.

Johnny Cash RV 1

Johnny Cash RV 2

Johnny Cash RV 3

Johnny Cash RV 4

John Rich’s RV of Big & Rich

John Rich 1

John Rich 2

Gary Allen’s RV

Gary Allen 1

Gary Allen 2

Gary Allen 3

Gary Allen 4

Gary Allen 5

Gary Allen 6

Gary Allen 7

Gwen Stefani’s RV

Gwen Stefani RV 1

Gwen Stefani RV 2

Gwen Stefani RV 3

Gwen Stefani RV 4

Hunter Hayes’ RV

Hunter Hayes RV 1

Hunter Hayes RV 2

Hunter Hayes RV 3

Hunter Hayes RV 4

Hunter Hayes RV 5

Country Singer, Jake Owen’s RV

Jake Owen RV 1

Jake Owen RV 2

Country Singer, Justin Moore’s RV

Justin Moore RV 1

Justin Moore RV 2

Justin Moore RV 3

Justin Moore RV 4

Justin Moore RV 5

Justin Moore RV 6

Kix Brooks’ (of the country music group Brooks N Dunn) RV

Kix Brooks RV 1

Kix Brooks RV 2

Kix Brooks RV 3

Kix Brooks RV 4

Kix Brooks RV 5

Kix Brooks RV 6

Kix Brooks RV 7

Kix Brooks RV 8

Kix Brooks RV 9

Lee Brice’s RV

Lee Brice RV 1

Lee Brice RV 2

Lee Brice RV 3

Lee Brice RV 4

Lee Brice RV 5

Lee Brice RV 6

Comedian, Ron White’s RV

Ron White RV 1

Ron White RV 2

Ron White RV 3

Ron White RV 4

Ron White RV 5

Ron White RV 6

Ron White RV 7

American Idol’s, Simon Cowell’s RV

Simon Cowell RV 1

Simon Cowell RV 2

Will Smith’s RV

And finally, the real “Man in Black” has a pretty sweet-looking black RV. Will Smith earned headlines when he debuted this ridiculously large double-decker trailer. Technically, it’s not an RV… but it definitely could handle a cross-country trek in style.

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Will Smith RV 1

Will Smith RV 2

Will Smith RV 3

Will Smith RV 4

Will Smith RV 5


Vin Diesel’s “Fast and Furious” RV

Vin Diesel’s RV is tough looking just like he is. Just check out how massive that ride is!

rv share

Vin Diesel RV 1

Vin Diesel RV 2

Country music group, Thompson Square’s RV

Thompson Square RV 1

Thompson Square RV 2

Thompson Square RV 3

Thompson Square RV 4

Thompson Square RV 5

Thompson Square RV 6


Dolly Parton’s RV

Then, Dolly Parton has her own RV. Of course, you can’t miss it… she’s signed her name on the side of it. Inside it’s lavishly decorated, and includes tons of makeup, wigs, and sparkly outfits.

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John Madden’s The Madden Cruiser RV

Football broadcasting legend, John Madden, has an RV… because he’s afraid of flying. In order to travel to all the NFL games he has to call, he gets around in “The Madden Cruiser. It’s a bus that doubles as an RV, with all the comforts of home.

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Which celebrity RV is your favorite? Leave a comment below…

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