Carefree RV Awnings – Don’t Buy One Until You Read This

Carefree of Colorado

When you think of RV awnings, one brand certainly comes to mind: Carefree of Colorado. Carefree have been producing exceptional RV awnings for some time now and have a product to suit every type of RV or configuration. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Carefree RV awnings before you make a purchase!

Types of Carefree of Colorado RV Awnings

There are plenty of Carefree RV awnings available on the market to suit your every need. We’ve listed each of these main categories below:

  • Manual
  • Power
  • Vertical arm
  • Lateral arm
  • Box patio
  • Slideout
  • Window
  • Over the door

Carefree RV Awning Parts

Carefree of Colorado RV awnings also come with various parts, depending on the type of product. There are some main components that many (if not all) awnings will contain, however, which we describe below:

Fabric roller tube

This is where the fabric rolls up or down, allowing the awning to be set-up or packed away.

Awning rail

This is the part that’s screwed or riveted to your RV, allowing the awning to be mounted securely in place.

Awning arm

Your awning arms allow your Carefree RV awning to stand upright. You’ll usually only require two of these and they are placed at the front sides of your awning.

When is it Time to Consider Carefree RV Awning Replacement Fabric?

Although Carefree RV awnings are very durable and can last for years on end when cared for correctly, they will still require replacement every now and then – particularly with the fabric. If your awning is showing signs of fading or wear and tear such as cuts and holes, then it’s time to purchase Carefree RV awning replacement fabric from a local retailer or online (such as on Amazon).

How to Replace Carefree RV Awning Fabric

If you’re a DIY lover, then you could easily replace your Carefree RV awning yourself in little time (with the help of at least one friend, of course!). We’ve found a helpful step-by-step guide, or if you’re more of a visual learner, then this YouTube tutorial is sure to help.

If you run into any speed bumps along the way, don’t be afraid to ask a professional for their help. While it might cost more money than doing it yourself, it will save you in the long run, as an ill-fitting RV awning can cause all sorts of problems!

There you have it – our quick guide to Carefree RV awnings! Armed with this information, we hope you can find the best awning for your model, not to mention tackling awning fabric replacement when the time comes!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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