A Cozy Caravan Transformation

So you’ve been wanting to re-decorate your RV? Why not upgrade your little camper to a cozy trailer? We bring you today an amazing transformation from a filthy old trailer to a beautiful and homey one. Who would think is was possible? Let’s get this caravan challenge started!

Campers and caravans make the traveling lifestyle pretty easy. Not only do they save you money on accommodations, but they also give you the freedom to roam wherever you want. Zo and her better half (plus their rabbit and cat), didn’t find it difficult to rule the roads of UK in their tiny camper, but it needed some major updating. Let’s check their trailer before the renovation.


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Zoe of Enthused Monkey

Okay, that’s something that I could only stand for a night or two. It’s easy to see why they decided to give it a makeover!

Zo didn’t waste any time coming up with a design motif for her caravan. Her goal was to transform it into a cozy yet dazzling shelter! The first thing she did to make the whole place appear larger was to chose white as a base color for the interior of the camper. Zo picked the light yet funky colors of cream, apple green, and white to tone their new home.

I think I just fell in love with this bedroom idea. I didn’t think green throw pillows would match perfectly on a gray bedsheet. And hey, please notice the elegance of the chandelier that adds calming light to the room.

One major change that happened is the splitting of the crazy long sofa. Zo and company decided to split them up and face it towards each other, and poof, they created a petite diner couch out of the awkward-facing bench! A green paper lantern, frames, and box letter saying ‘SIMPLIFY’. These accents help Zo to nail the interior design of their trailer home.

One step forward and Zo welcomes you to their shabby kitchen. Thanks to her compact appliances, making brunch and dinner won’t be a hassle anymore.

Now let’s move on and see the exterior design of the camper. Oh wow! Zo colored their home with a silver-grayish metallic paint. Plus the “racing stripes” are all gone. I would definitely turn my head if I saw this going down the road.  Zo must be so proud of this handsome camper.

We can say with confidence that Zo and the rest of the team did a wonderful job in transforming their home. But would you believe that the renovation of the camper only took two days to complete? You heard it right! If you want something fab to happen, you’ll give your all to make it happen. Thanks for this inspiration, Zo.

Has your RV had a major makeover yet? If not, then when? Guess it’s not all too late for you to kick-off a bum to glam style for your camper this fall. Invest on your little trailer home and make the most beautiful change possible. We can’t wait to hear your stories about your cozy camper transformation!

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