This Caravan Hostel Will Leave You Begging For More

For some, the word, ‘hostel’ might evoke thoughts of a flea infested place to drop your sleeping bag for the night. At the Lucky Lake Hostel in the Netherlands, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. This collection of vintage, color laden caravans, is sure to inspire.

Located just south of Amsterdam, each caravan will fit up to two people under 6 feet tall. Included in your stay is an excellent breakfast served outside in the “breakfast bus.” Breakfast will include coffee, tea, orange juice or milk along with cereal, toast, and of course, Nutella!


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Lucky Lake offers free shuttles from Amsterdam throughout the day and evening. Each caravan offers a bed, pillows, blankets and a locker. They also have a mixed dorm with en suite plumbing. Free internet and WiFi are available at the reception area. Bring your own device or use one of their computers. Each caravan at Lucky Lake is unique and its quirky interior is sure to please.

This is a visit you will always remember!

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