Canvas and Wood Tents


Canvas and wood tents are heavy-duty, but still portable, and create a luxurious shelter wherever you are. They have been used extensively by the military and are still in use in refugee camps and safari camps.

wood and canvas tent

Canvas wall tents can be “glammed up” easily by adding a wooden platform.

camping house built with wood and canvas

They can be huge and luxurious, or small and homely, and some even feature wood-burning stoves.


Tent bedroom

Furniture and carpets are used to decorate the space. These tents should be mounted on a hard surface and be secured to the deck, to prevent damage by wind.

wood and canvas tent simple bedroom

simple tent bedroom

Canvas and wood tents are very sturdy and let fresh air in, while still providing protection from the elements.

canvas and wood tent

Even the most reluctant of campers would be hard pressed not to spend the night in one of these luxurious canvas and wood accommodations.

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