Camping Tent Rents For $46 A Night In San Francisco

Looking to camp in an unusual setting? How about smack in the middle of San Francisco? That’s right, one young entrepreneur is taking advantage of the housing crisis by offering a tent for rent in his parent’s backyard.

The simple camping tent rents for $46 a night, and includes access to the bathroom and one shower a day. This is not glamping. It is simply a tent pitched in a residential backyard — and believe it or not, it’s in hot demand.

Air BNB features¬†an entire page of tents for rent in the state of California, but most are glamping adventures, not simply sleeping on the ground in someone’s back yard. Yet, with the average one bedroom apartment in San Fransisco renting for nearly $3,500 a month, any form of transitional housing is of interest.

Recently, John Potter decided to offer the back yard tent on a monthly basis for just over $900. Guess what? He already has takers! This rental comes with all the space of a 9 x 7-foot tent plus a pillow and a blanket. Need WiFi? No problem. You can use his parents. Need electricity? John will even give you an extension cord.

What do you think? Would you rent a tent for $46 in a backyard? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

What do you think?