Camping Gear for the Comfy Camper

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No longer does the average person who is accustomed to comfort need to shy away from the glory that is camping. With new practical and interesting camping supplies popping up seemingly all the time, camping can be as comfortable as sleeping at home.

This guide showcases some of the best and coolest camping gear for the comfy camper.

Sleeping Beauty

In this case, sleeping on the ground might even be better than your bed at home.

  • Spacious Tent: This 6-foot high tent has 117 square feet on the ground and mesh windows on the sides that make it feel huge. The Mountainsmith Conifer is as homey a tent as you’ll find. $360,
  • Rough and Sturdy Mat: This rugged door mat prevents all of the dirtiness of the outdoors from migrating into your sleeping space. The Domestic Construction Mat is made of the same material as a mousepad so it feels cool on your feet! $105,
  • Sleep on a Cloud: This sleeping pad inflates itself and can even be attached to another copy of the same one for double the size. The MegaMat might even be comfier than your mattress at home. $219,
  • Light up the Past: A fresh take on the classic style camping lantern, this light can be used for up to 30 hours of bright light. The 8D Retro Family-Size Lantern also doubles as a nightlight on a different setting. $35,
  • Functional & Cozy Camping Shoe: Patagonia’s Advocate Lace shoes are lined with fleece and and have rubber soles for the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. $75,
  • Stylish Linens: Lotus pink colored striped sheets, queen size ($79,, duvet cover, queen size ($40,, red throw blanket ($255,, grey throw blanket ($180,, red and orange throw ($130,

Chef in the Wild

These cooking products for camping will make you excited to prepare your meals, and might even convince you to get up and out of your comfy bed to make breakfast!

  • Retractable Coolers: These folding coolers shrink to way under their original size and can stay cold for more than enough time to keep your food and drinks chilled. $46 and up,
  • Practical Stand: This work stand can be put together in under five minutes. The Camp Kitchen has room for all of your cooking needs. $149,
  • Powerful Stove: This stove requires no matches to light, and has been designed with easy cleaning in mind. The Primus Firehole 100’s two burners are great for cooking anything you’d need to out in the wilderness. $139,
  • Speedy Kettle: Whether you’re steeping your tea or purifying water, the Halulite tea kettle will make your water hot, and it will do it fast. $23,
  • Expanding Bowls: These interesting bowls will collapse down to a tiny size, making them super easy to take anywhere. $20 for a set,
  • Knife & Board Set: The chef’s knife can be stored cleverly in the cutting board case, making the Chopping Board Set a great addition for packing with limited space. $40,
  • You Might Also Want: Green tea towel ($28,, foot-long cast-iron skillet ($37,, tea towel on shelf ($24,, 8D Retro Family-Size Lantern (price and link in earlier section)

Pick Yourself Up!

A good air mattress can be an excellent addition to your camping trip. Not only can you find very comfortable blow-up beds, but they raise you above the ground, lessening the chances of critters crawling on you while you sleep!

  • The Coleman Quickbed is as convenient as it gets. It comes with a built-in pump that plugs into your car’s power socket. ($193,
  • Because you might want a shelter for your super comfy mattress, this REI Kingdom 4 tent is the perfect match. ($389,

Dress up Your Bed

  • Add some flair to your camp bed and make it feel like home. Warm up the night with this alpaca throw. ($169,

Beautify the Outdoors

  • This indoor-outdoor rug will almost make you forget that you’re in the great outdoors. ($49,

Support Yourself

  • Camping can be hard on your body. Take a load off in a chair that supports your back and lets you relax. The Caligata deck chair ($420, and the teak folding stool ($310, will ease you into comfort with its simple sling back style.

Set the Mood

  • Headlamps and flashlights are good for collecting firewood and making night trips to the little boy’s or girl’s room. A lantern, on the other hand, is good for relaxing. Hang a lantern in your tent and set the mood for a quiet evening. ($15 and up,

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

  • This travel sink is completely collapsible and stands upright when full. Whether you need to wash your dishes or beautify your face, the Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink is bound to come in handy. ($25,

Like Beds For Your Feet

  • The Timberland Radler Trail Camp slippers/shoes are the perfect footwear for around the campsite. With a fleece lined interior and rubber treads for outdoor use, these shoes can go from tent to campsite with ease. They even fold in on themselves and zip up for easy storage. ($65,

Light up the Night

  • The Snow Peak Hozuki LED light is adjustable for any kind of lighting you desire. From dim to bright, to a candle flicker, this little guy will definitely light up the night.  ($90,

Stand Up Your Phone

  • A phone can be helpful even when in the great outdoors. Whether you’re taking pictures of the landscape or catching up on missed episodes of your favorite shows, the Joby GorillaMobile holds up your phone and lets you see your screen hands free. ($40,

Lay Back and Let the World Go By

  • It will take you under two minutes to set up the Eagles Nest DoubleNest using Slap Straps ($20) made by the same company. Waste away your day lounging in serenity. ($65,

Chef’s Treat

  • This camp stove can fit up to a 10-inch of frying pan and a dutch oven right beside each other. It also has just about twice the BTU’s of most standard models. The Camp Chef Everest stove is hard to beat. ($117,

Grounded Coffee

  • The GSI Outdoors JavaGrind coffee grinder is well worth the manual nature of the tool. Grinds just as good as any electric grinder. ($25,

Heavy On The Spice

  • With film canisters going out of style, you’ll need a new way to store spices while camping. The GSI Outdoors Spice Missile has 6-compartments and rises to the occasion. ($10,

Stop Whining, Drink Wine

  • Who wants to drink their wine out of a camp cup? The GSI Outdoors Glacier wineglass has a removable and is great for outdoor travel. ($15,

Don’t Miss Out On Your Espresso Fix

  • For all the caffeine addicts out there who can’t go without their daily espresso, the Presso manual espresso maker has you covered. ($150,

More Comfortable Gear To Get You Through The Night

  • Solera +15f Women’s Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag is designed for a women’s figure. Extra room around the hip area and lots of warm insulation near the head, chest, and feet! ($100,
  • Eureka Rapidair Mat. This sleeping pad has two valves making it way easier to inflate and deflate. It’s also very cushy and comfy. ($75-175 thickness dependant,
  • Coleman LED Quad Lantern. This lantern is composed of four miniature LED flashlights that pop out while the main lantern is being used. ($70,
  • REI Quarter Dome T2 Tent. The best thing about this extremely user-friendly tent is the ability to unveil the cosmos behind a mesh roof and sleep under the stars. ($269,
  • Century 4680 Matchless Stove. This super light stove can be ignited by the touch of a button. It also weighs almost nothing and has two-burners. ($62,
  • MSR Flex 4 System. This colored set of pots, plates, and cups for four people pack into a compact nest and are easy to organize. ($160,

Never let your fear of leaving the comforts and amenities at home hinder you from experiencing all that the great outdoors has to offer. Live free. Camp on.