Vintage Camper Van Ads: These You Have to See!

For over 60 years, Volkswagen has been producing convenient conversion automobiles in the form of the camper van. These are smaller than full-sized vans, so they are more fuel-efficient than larger motorhomes. They also have the ability to become sleeper vehicles with little effort, making them perfect for camping trips, as well as impromptu overnight stays.


Over the years, Volkswagen has released several clever promotional campaigns. Many of these emphasized the enjoyment of a family as they frolic and relax near their van. Some described the virtues and amenities that the camper vans possess. Others presented diagrams of what the interior looked like or how the expansion features work. All of them were designed to make prospective buyers long for the high-tech freedom this innovation offered. Take a tour through the decades, as you peruse the following vintage Volkswagen advertisements.

Happy Family Camping Ad

This vintage camper van provides all this family needs for a great vacation. This advertisement was so successful, it was used again.

Devon Motor Camper Van Campaign



With the typical–and expected–features of a motorhome, this model also provides a canopy for outdoor enjoyment.

Compare and Contrast Camper Van Ad

This descriptive promotion illustrates the added convenience of driving the smaller Volkswagen models rather than a traditional motorhome. It is fairly effective.

Versatile Seaside Volkswagen Advertisement



This ad demonstrates the adaptability of the camper van, as well as its maneuverability. Not every recreational vehicle is easily steered to the edge of the water.

Comparing a Camper to a Hotel Campaign

This advertisement does a great job of convincing potential buyers of the convenience of the camper van. With the features of a hotel and the mobility to go anywhere, why wouldn’t a frequent traveler buy one?

1977 Camper Bus “Plus” Advertisement

Along with the normal features, the 1977 bus provides a pop up tent on top for additional sleeping space. This ensures there is room for every family member to sleep comfortably within the vehicle.

Volkswagen: Getting the Most Out of its Promotional Plans

Why reinvent a great campaign? This advertisement revisited a previous camper van set updated with a new family.

Cowboy Camping Campaign

Along with describing the features that make this bus perfect for camping, as well as day to day use, the majestic scenery gives potential buyers a location to long for.

The Bus’s Day to Day Use Ad

One of the biggest selling points for the Volkswagen camper bus was that is was not merely a camper. This vehicle was just as comfortable when used as a van to take the kids to school, pick up groceries, or drive to work, as it was when used for camping.

Young Adult Camping Campaign

This, more modern looking van features an attached awning. That makes it perfect for outdoor cooking and entertaining.

The Interior Tour Ad

For those who always wondered what the inside of the Volkswagen camper van looked like, this promotion provides insight into the interior.

The Tug at Your Heart Advertisment

This promotion features a young couple relaxing with their dog far from the hustle and bustle of city-life. With the pop up and outdoor seating, there is more than enough room.

In Conclusion

Although the modern Volkswagen camper van has made updates and improvements, it has remained surprisingly similar to its original design. With its more modest size, it gets better gas-mileage than traditional vans and motorhomes. It still manages to provide ample room for its occupants to sleep comfortably.

If these advertisements brought on a sense of nostalgia or historical interest, please share with your friends and family members who enjoy vintage ads and a look at the past.

Source: Do It Yourself RV

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