Camper Bike Rack – Picking The Best Bike Rack For Your Camper


Getting yourself from point A to point B in an RV is one thing. But getting your bikes there with you is another. Luckily there are tons of options when it comes to camper bike carriers and accessories to ensure that your second favorite mode of transportation is an option on the open road. We’ll tell you which types to look for and how they all work.

Camper Bike Racks

There are a few different bike racks for camper trailers for you to pick from. Each camper trailer bike rack is different and ideally suited for a type of RV and a certain number of bikes. You’ll want to make sure you’ve looked at all the options before deciding on one.

Perhaps the most common, or the one you’ve seen most, is the RV bumper bike rack. The bumper bike rack hooks up exactly where you’d expect it to: on the RV’s bumper. And since that’s where it’s situated, it also protrudes out from the rear of the RV so that the bikes can sit on a metal shelf that extends over the bumper and above the roadway. These types of camper bike racks come in various sizes suited for two or four bikes.

Another popular style of bike racks for camper trailers is the hanging rack. These are more commonly referred to as the ladder mount bike racks. Loved for their convenience and space-saving design, these mounts hang the bikes from their tires down the length of the rear of your camper. They are much more aerodynamic than the camper bike bumper racks.

Hitch mounted bike racks require a hitch joint and cannot be used at the same time as all other trailers that might also require a hitch. Keep that in mind when searching for a hitch mount as it may preclude you from using that mount in the meantime.

Of course, if your RV is large enough or if you’re traveling with a fifth wheel or other type of travel trailer, you might just be able to fit your bikes right inside your camper. This is, of course, the safest way to travel with your bikes. Keep in mind then, that when you store your bikes outside of your RV on any kind of mount, you’ll also want to consider the types of locks and added security that will prevent their theft when left unattended.

Choosing a Bike Rack for Camper

Other factors to consider when choosing your bike rack is how often you’ll be using your bikes and who will be responsible for mounting and storing them. You’ll want to make sure you buy a rack that is easy for you to use and not a pain to access when you want to take your bike for a quick trip.

The type of bike rack you choose will also depend on whether your RV has a spare tire at the rear of the camper. These types of RVs will require different mounts.

Tent camper bike racks are great if you’re towing a pop-up camper. These types of bike racks are also known as camper top bike racks because they position the bikes right on top of the closed camper. While they might be the opposite of low-profile, they’re definitely good for saving space and utilizing that space fully. These mounts can typically hold up to four bikes easily.

If you’re towing a trailer or camper and you don’t have room at the rear of your rig, you might consider a truck camper bike rack. These types of racks are mounted at the front of your truck, much like a city bus might mount passengers’ bikes. They too will safe space although they might not look the best. As always, be sure to lock them up tight for added security!

You can expect to spend upwards of $50 to $350 for the right bike mount. Not sure which brand to trust? Swagman is one of the leading names in RV bike mounts and bike mounts in general. You can’t go wrong there.

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