California Architect Takes on Small Space Living

Yes, it is possible to live comfortably in a 160 square feet RV. It’s simply a matter of rethinking space and how you use it — and reassessing your possessions.

Take southern California architect Matthew Hoffmann for example. Hoffmann and his girlfriend live in a retro Airstream trailer. To make small space living work for them he completely gutted and renovated the trailer to fit both his style, and their space needs.


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Bethany Nauert/ Apartment Therapy

Let’s take a look at how he re-designed the Airstream, starting with the front of the trailer.

As you can see this is much more than simply an eating area. The space serves as both a dining room and mobile office. In the evening the table comes out to create an extra bed, or a lounging area for reading and watching movies. There is also plenty of storage both up high and down low.

Kitchens are always tricky in small spaces, but Hoffmann managed to make use of every bit of space for storage and food preparation.

The German designed kitchen cabinets have simple, elegant and beautiful styling right down to the drawer pulls that employ an integrated locking mechanism to keep the drawers and cabinets in place when the Airstream is rolling down the road.

The fact remains that living in a small space is not for everyone. No matter how well you design your space and pare down your possessions, to make it work you need to adopt some minimalistic tendencies and learn to be adaptable.

In an interview with the website Apartment Therapy, Hoffmann talks about some of the challenges of creating this small space, including overcoming plumbing issues and learning to be better DIYer.

People who survive living in such a tiny space are set for life. They’ve conquered the challenge of living on top of one another while respecting each other’s privacy. They’ve bounced back from road mishaps like detours, misdirections, and weather challenges. They’ve learned to face issues head on and take the road less traveled.

When considering living in a small space, couples and families need to think about how best to use the space available. It may mean—as in this case—retrofitting an existing RV. Some travelers simply use full service campgrounds so things like power, sewage, showers, laundry and eating facilities are offered by utilizing space outside of the RV, while others prefer to be fully self-contained so they can stop off anywhere the spirit moves them.

Thanks to Internet, Wi-Fi, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, many more people like Hoffmann are taking the plunge and choosing to live in a small space while working from their tiny homes. It’s a brave new world out there — one where it’s now possible to live large in a small space.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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