Burstner Nexxo RV: Epitome of German Technology

RV Owners

Wunderbar! This specimen of RV innovation packs European style and a host of modern features in a fairly compact package.

In 2014, to commemorate the 55 years it had been in business, German manufacturer Bürstner created and released the 130hp engine, 6-speed automatic transmission Burstner Nexxo 55 series. It features ABS braking, an electronic stability program, and ASR traction control.

With its aerodynamic profile and a luxurious interior, one needs to see the Nexxo 55 T685 to truly appreciate it. Peruse the following images and information. Then, if you find them inspiring or at least interesting, share with your friends and family—especially those who enjoy motorhomes or foreign automotive designs.

Burstner Nexxo Exterior

The vehicle is 6.98 meters (23-feet) long and 2.3 meters (7.5-feet) wide. At 2.75 meters (9-feet) high, the Nexxo is low profile and easy to maneuver. The low center of gravity and widely spaced wheelbase increases driver stability.

The low-frame Fiat Ducato chassis has a loading capacity of 3850kg (4.24-ton), which is 850kg more than typically offered. Also, the exterior of the roof is glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) to protect it from damage caused by severe weather or road debris stirred up by other traffic.

Entering the Nexxo 55 T685

There are three “doors” on the T685. One provides access to the plastic lined, underneath storage in the rear. The second is the entrance into the cabin. Passengers are provided with easy boarding with low steps and a lighted entrance. It is also equipped with a roll out awning for shade. The third door opens directly to the drivers seat for added convenience when traveling.

T685 Interior

The interior features matching upholstery on the captain’s chairs and other seating. Four of the five seats are equipped with three-point harnesses to accommodate up to four passengers while driving.

A mixture of LED and halogen lights, as well as a sunroof, provide plenty of illumination throughout. Heating and air-conditioning is available in the cab as well as the cabin.

The Burstner Nexxo View From the Front

The living/dining area is extremely versatile. The front captain chairs swivel to face the backseat. A table can be pulled down between to make a great place to gather for food or fun.

When not in use, the table is easily stored in its upright, out-of-the-way position. It also has a pullout “leaf” to expand the surface area. For a relaxing movie night, there is a TV cabinet behind the dinette seating equipped with an expansion arm for a flat screen.

The Nexxo 55 Kitchen Galley

The compact kitchen features a three-burner gas range along with a gas oven located over the three-way refrigerator. Although the counter space is a bit limited, there is a surprising amount of storage both under the counter and along the top of the coach.

The Split Bathroom

The innovative bathroom is divided in two. The stand-up shower is located on one side of the sleeping area, and the toilet and sink on the other. The shower is lined in plastic and features a roof vent that can either remove steam or blow hot air to warm the area.

The other half of the bathroom facilities are enclosed behind attractive dark faux-wood panels.

The T685 Bedroom

The bedroom features a European style bed. The rounded edges of the double bed allows for easy access from both sides.

In Conclusion

This campervan has many high-end features including the gas oven and a modern bathroom design. Additionally, in the manner of innovative German technology, this modern ride includes a Zenec multi-media system, which includes satellite navigation and a reversing camera. This is just one of the many popular models manufactured by Burstner.

The Nexxo is available in 8 different models. All start at a base price from $56,000 to $62,000 US dollars.

Please share with any friends or family who may find this compact, commemorative motorhome classy or cute.