Classic Winne Feels The Burn Out

Take one classic Winnebago mixed with a lazy summer day. What do you get? A perfect opportunity for a burn out.

So, what is this crazy sport, and why on earth would anyone do this to their motorhome? The answer may surprise you.

This Winne is just a small example of vehicles that can create a massive amount of smoke, while impressing audiences. The burnout craze is sweeping the nation, but the idea is nothing new.

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Burn outs started with the drag-racing craze. In drag racing the drivers warm up their tires by revving the engines over and over. This process amps up the engine, and gets it ready to take off fast. The result is a big plume of smoky vapor caused by friction.

Today, burn outs are serious competitions, with “burn-offs” held all over the world. From Sturgis, SD to New Wales, audiences worldwide seem to love this form of entertainment. Judged by performance, audience participation, and attitude, a burn-out king is a title to be reckoned with.

Ready to peel out, and show the neighborhood what your RV is made of? Here’s how:

Step #1 You must have a powerful engine for this process. The more horsepower the better. You will also need to have a manual transmission. If you try to perform a burn-out with an automatic transmission, you can kiss your vehicle goodbye.

Step #2 Put in the clutch and rev the engine. The car should be stationary and raring to go! Keep revving. You want hot tires and lots of RPMs.

Step #3 Lock your hand-brake, and get ready to let out the clutch.

Step #4 Release the clutch, keep the hand-brake on, and watch the smoke rise as your tires spin on the pavement.

At this point you can choose to let out the brake and do donuts in the parking lot. In burn-out competitions, vehicles are up on blocks to keep the tires hitting the pavement while the rig is stationary.

So, are you feeling inspired? Do you long to take your classic RV, and put it to the ultimate test? If so, be sure to keep a hose and fire extinguisher ready. Also, don’t blame me for the cost of new tires. Anyone who spins their tires at that speed can expect to replace them minutes later.

Here’s the question: Would you compete in a burn out? What type of RV would you like to see compete? Would you prefer to watch an RV burn out, drag race, or demolition derby?

Comment below!

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