Bulleit Woody Tailgate Trailer: Be the Envy of Your Friends

The Bulleit Woody Tailgate Trailer is the perfect present for the tailgater who has everything. This teardrop tailgate trailer provides the perfect place to get a hangover…and sleep if off in luxury.

Designed by Brad Ford, this awesome, one of kind trailer was crafted from re-purposed Bulleit brand whiskey barrels by the team at Moore & Giles.

Your average RV is great for road trips and a place to sleep, but most aren’t designed to host parties, and almost never have enough room to carry a full bar of booze.

The Bulleit Woody Tailgate trailer contains a slide out bar and ice chest that operate on the same principles as a slide out in an RV. The ice chest pulls out from the bottom, converting the rest of the trailer into usable living space.

A luxurious leather interior, LCD TV, and state of the art sound system, rich wood furnishings  – along with a $150,000 price tag – is what you can expect from a Bulleit Woody trailer. The interior is lined with amber colored honey brown leather seats that will darken and age over time, just like fine bourbon.

The Bulleit Woody Trailer even comes with a year’s supply of Bulleit Whiskey (set at four cases maximum).

There will only be two of these trailers will be made, with 10% of the proceeds from sales going to AIDS research. And in case you needed more convincing…it comes with free shipping!

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