How to Build a Brilliantly Simple Tent Trailer

How Tos & Tips

This tent trailer isn’t the kind of trailer that will have air conditioning or a big screen TV. Tent trailers have none of the fluff of modern campers, but contain all you need to sleep well under the stars.

Tent Trailer

If your budget is “random stuff left over around the house,” you’re in for a treat. There may be a few items that you may need to buy, but most of the items needed for this tent trailer will amount to zero dollars, if you search properly.


Start by finding a trailer, any small trailer will do.

An aluminum frame would be best for this project, but make do with what you have. If you can find some lumber, use it to build a frame for your tent trailer.

Mount the wooden frame using carriage bolts through the trailer’s steel frame. If you are doing this using warped salvaged wood, you will have a hard time with it. Wrap a tether around the frame to keep it square.


Find a tent and cut the bottom out, then stretch it over the frame you just created.

Hold it together using heavy duty snaps…

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