Brilliant Small Space Solutions

You’ve moved to a smaller condo, apartment, mobile home or RV, and suddenly you’ve got all these precious possessions that need to fit into a few hundred square feet. What to do?

One obvious solution is to purge your possesions. While that’s all well and good — you still need a place to eat and sleep. And you can’t dispense with everything in your closets and drawers.

This problem is happening with increasing frequency as seniors downsize and find themselves—of necessity—in seniors’ apartments and rooms. It is also happening to other segment of the population who are moving for business, or retiring and wanting to travel light.

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These innovative ideas for storing possessions in small spaces have been designed in response to the perceived needs of the above niche markets. Get ready for some really clever small space solutions!

Store It in The Stairs


How neat is this? You can either use every step, or just a few, as storage for clothes, kitchen supplies, kids’ toys boxes or… any number of other items. Put that unused space to work!

Store It Over and Under The Bed

These under bed storage systems are not unusual. What sets this one apart is the fact that the bins are actually the undercarriage of the bed, not simply shoved under as an add-on. No room left for dust bunnies!

Another neat feature of this system is the storage space over the bed where there is usually open air. Note the stair-type shelves along the side that function as steps to the loft space and drawers in their own right. Another set of storage steps could also be added to the other side of the bed.

Kids love this concept. Instead of sitting or storage space above the bed, another sleeping area could be set up in the loft area.

Is It a Bookcase or a Bed?

The answer is both! During the day this hard-working unit is a bookcase with nooks for holding books, toys, trinkets, and stationery. By night, it moves from its place in an empty corner to become a double bed by snapping the two pieces together to make an extra bed that doesn’t have to be inflated. In the morning the space can once again be used for other things — like a playroom, office, etc.

Bed Nook and Storage

You know that little nook that is presently only a catchall? Well it can become a whole bedroom. Below bed and overhead storage areas provide a hidden closet! Note the convenient recessed lighting in the base of the overhead unit!

5. Teen Loft Bedroom

This amazing compact bedroom fits into an 8’ x 8’ space. There’s room for a bed, closet, stairs, storage space and a full-sized desk with chair. The unit is great in a loft, attic, basement or studio unit. It comes in singles, or doubles that fit a 12’ x 12’ space. It also makes a great guest bedroom area. The secret is in the wealth of vertical space. You can also buy the unit as bunk beds for kids sharing a space.

Compact Spiral Staircase

I know what you are thinking — spiral staircases take up space. Why not use a fireman’s pole instead?

Well take a good look. This colorful compact staircase takes up little more room than a firehouse pole, and everyone can climb it! This pole with steps is a great connection to a loft or attic room.

Home Office

This compact sleek design combines a computer desk with practical storage space, and does it in one small corner. It’s actually constructed of a a single piece of wood. The computer tray can slide in and up onto the wall for more storage.

Vertical Bathroom Storage

How often have you discovered there is no storage space in the bathroom for towels, paper products soaps, shampoos and other grooming sundries? Well this sleek, decorative, futuristic storage rack takes up little space and stores so much! Besides storage, it fits a toilet, shower head and sink all into one vertical unit. No matter how small your bathroom is it will accommodate this multipurpose unit.

Fold Out Shower

Here is another neat solution for those struggling with tiny bathroom spaces. This shower actually folds out from the wall! The Flat-Folding Shower by Duravit eliminates the space problem. Folding glass enclosures swing inward. This provides room to move around. You can even put a mirror on one side of the shower stall. It transforms into a changing space when the water isn’t running.

Compact Kitchen Unit

If you are installing a kitchen in a small area, or are retrofitting a mobile home consider this efficient unit. This multipurpose kitchen is about the size of a dresser, yet look how much it holds. When folded up the unit looks like a desk. Unfolded, it provides space for a small fridge, freezer, microwave, cook top and sink as well as lots of efficient storage space. There is even a compact dishwasher. This is the perfect kitchen for a studio apartment.

Circle Kitchen

Here is another great solution for those with only limited space. This circle kitchen is attractive and contains everything you need.
This neat vertical unit holds a stove top with electric burners, microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher, as well as lots of cabinets a sink and counter space.

Sliding Pantry

Placed on wheels or on a track, this tiny pantry can store an amazing amount of kitchen supplies. Used in a small homes or RVs it is the ultimate storage unit. Just slide it out when you need it.

Picture Frame Turned Table

You have to see this to believe it! Fold the picture down from the wall and use the frame as legs for your new coffee table!

When you move into a smaller living space of course you need to minimize, but don’t forget to seek out some of these cleaver products to extend your space. 

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