RV Mattress – Don’t Buy One Until You Read This

Published on September 17th, 2019

After a long day on the road…after stopping and finding your site and setting up camp for the night…after making something to eat and cleaning everything up and tucking your RV in for the night…a nice, soft RV mattress to rest your head on sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The thing is – not all mattresses for RVs are created equal. The one that came with your RV may not be comfy. If you need to replace your mattress, you’ll need to think about a few things ahead of time. Here’s how to choose the best RV mattress.

What Kind of Mattress Do You Want?

There’s a good chance you can’t just get a regular mattress to put in your RV. For one thing, a lot of RV beds are a different size from standard sized mattresses. In fact, RV bed mattresses that have standard labels like “twin,” or “queen” are often a few inches shorter or narrower than mattresses you’d use in your bedroom at home. Also, often RV mattresses are lighter than standard ones, which means less weight on your rig. That’s not to say you can’t put a standard mattress in an RV – just measure carefully, and make sure you know how much extra weight you’ll have.

You also have the option of purchasing an air mattress for RV – for either your bed or your sRV sofa bed mattress. An RV air mattress is a great way to save room and money (and that’s definitely not going to send you over your weight requirement!). On the other end of the spectrum, if you have extra money and want complete control over the size and shape of your mattress, you could have a custom RV mattress made.

How Big of a Mattress Do You Need?

To determine how big of a mattress you want, you’ll need to measure your frame.

  • Measure the bed frame from one side to the other side. This will determine the width of mattress you’ll need.
  • Measure from head to foot, which will determine the length you’ll want.
  • Measure from the top of the mattress down to the bottom to determine the height. Slide outs will be the biggest factor in how careful you need to be about the height. If you don’t have anything in the way of the mattress, this measurement isn’t necessary.

The most common mattress sizes are:

If you have bunk beds, you’ll need truck mattresses for those.

Once you know the dimensions of your RV mattress, you can check on who sells them. Camping supply stores like Camping World often offer mattresses and bedding, and you can shop online for RV mattresses also. Check RV mattress reviews on websites you trust and do some research before making a decision.

Finally, if you have an affordable mattress you don’t want to replace but you want a little more cushioning, consider memory foam toppers or other bedding. You could even toss an egg crate mattress pad on there for a little extra padding. Mattress toppers aren’t hard to find – you can even get a standard sized one at a store like Walmart or Target – if you can’t find exactly your size, you can buy a little bigger and cut it down, or a little smaller and center it (you probably don’t need it reaching all the way to the ends of the mattress).

With a little research beforehand, you can be sure your RV mattress will be a warm welcome at night after a hard day on the road!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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