5 Once-in-a-Lifetime Beaches to Visit in your RV this Summer

Summer’s here, which means it’s time to hit the beach. But not all sandy stretches are created equal!

Although there’s no such thing as a bad beach day, there are some coastlines that are simply on a different level.

So grab your shades and restock your supply of sunscreen — which, don’t forget, you should apply early and often! Whether you’re looking for a crisp and clean white sand beach just begging for you to lay out your towel, or something a little bit more adventurous (hint: green sand is a thing), here are some of the best, most jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches to bring your family to this summer.

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The Best Beaches in the US

Ready to up your beach game? Check out these unique options.

1. Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California

Image via natemaas.com

Think finding a handful or two of sea glass is a trip? Just wait until you experience this stunning stretch of Glass Beach, also sometimes known as Treasure Beach, outside of the military installment of Fort Bragg, California.

The result of being used as a trash dump for years, this beautiful litter is now protected by its status as part of MacKerricher State Park — which, by the way, is an excellent place to set up camp while you check it out. Just be sure to leave the glass where you found it. That way, others can enjoy it, too!

Where to camp: MacKerricher State Park offers camping for motorhomes and travel trailers up to 35 feet in length.

Click here to see RVshare rentals in Fort Bragg, California.

2. Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia

Image via visittheusa.com

It’s one of the most iconic beaches in the whole country for good reason. The surreal experience of the otherworldly landscape of Driftwood Beach will stay with you forever — though you’ll certainly plan a return trip before too long.

Where to camp: Jekyll Island Campground is within walking distance of this stunning destination, and its 18 oak-strewn acres aren’t too shabby in their own right.

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3. St. Augustine Beach, St. Augustine, Florida

Image via smithsonianmag.com

It’s not every day you get to see a centuries-old shipwreck exactly where it washed up on the shore — but it makes sense that you’d encounter just such a unique experience along the shores of America’s oldest city.

Discovered in April, 2018, the shipwreck is a fairly new attraction, and requires a pretty decent hike north toward neighboring Ponte Vedra. But even if you’re not down for the slog, the historic coast is well worth the visit — just check out how it sticks out like a sore thumb in this US News list of the best beaches in America. Of the first six listings, St. Augustine Beach is the only one that isn’t in Hawaii!

Where to camp: Anastasia State Park offers camping right on the banks of Florida’s famous dunes for reasonable nightly and weekly prices.

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Beach Camping

Here are a couple more incredible beaches worth making the trek to this summer!

4. Papakolea Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

Image via everywhereonce.com

You may have heard of black- and pink-sand beaches… but how about green sand?

Yes, it’s a thing, thanks to a type of lava called tholeiite basalt — though it happens very seldom. So seldom, in fact, that Papakolea Beach is one of only four green sand beaches in the entire world. So while you may have to take a plane to get there, it’s definitely worth a spot on your bucket list!

Where to camp: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers a few different RV-friendly campground options; check their website for current availability and reservation details.

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5. Children’s Pool Beach, San Diego, California

Image via californiabeaches.com

Fancy sharing your beach towel with a flippered friend?

This white sandy stretch, tucked in the area of the uber-popular beach destination of La Jolla, is home to an active population of harbor seals. It’s definitely a spectacle worth seeing — but in all seriousness, it’s best to keep your sunbathing and swimming to one of the other beautiful area beaches. That way, the seals can enjoy their natural habitat.

Where to camp: San Diego RV Resort is only a half hour drive from the area’s famous beaches, and closer still to all the downtown fun it has to offer — and it’s a participating Passport America campground.

Click here to see RVshare rentals in San Diego, California.

RV Campgrounds on the Beach

As you can see, in many areas, camping is available surprisingly nearby the seashore.

But if you’re looking for an RV beach resort in a different area, we have a great money-saving tip for you.

We’ve said it before (and will undoubtedly say it again), but seriously, campers: Passport America is one of the best investments you can make for your camping lifestyle. It’s the only discount camping club that gets you 50% off your campsite accommodation fees at almost 1900 campgrounds across the country, including many near some of the most stunning shorelines.

Plus, the membership is less than $50 for a full year, which, if you’ve done any campsite-scouting lately, you know is often less than a single night at some of the developed campgrounds near the most popular beaches. In other words, your Passport America membership is definitely going to pay for itself before you know it!

Beach Camping Tips

Looking for even more beaches to visit that offer RV camping? Thinking, “These all sound great… but where are the best beaches near me?”

You don’t have to go all the way to an ocean to enjoy the sunshine and waves, not to mention an excuse to pull your swimsuit (or inflatable kayak!) out of mothballs.

Here are some amazing lakeside campgrounds to visit this summer, as well as information on camping nearby any of the Great Lakes: Superior, Erie, Huron, Ontario or Michigan.

Summer only comes once a year, campers, so no matter what you do or where you go, be sure to get out there and enjoy it!

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