Alaskan Bear Joins Campsite

Picture this: you’re sitting at your campsite enjoying the great outdoors when out of nowhere a huge blown bear joins the party!

That’s what happened at the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary and Refuge in Alaska. Fortunately, the bear decided to join the camp of Drew Hamilton, an Alaska Fish and Game employee who knew to remain calm in this scary situation.

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Hamilton was simply sitting in his chair taking in the view when in lumbered the large bear. Slowly, the camper pulled out his video camera and caught the bear seemingly enjoying nature! Eventually the bear continued on his way without hurting anyone. It’s a good thing Mr. Hamilton knew to stay calm.

Check out the amazing video!

What an amazing story! Have you ever had a wild animal wander into your campsite? If so, what did you do  Share your thoughts in the comment box below, then share this story with a friend.

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