This $150,000 Airstream RV is The Best Way to See America

While most Airstreams are trailers, that is perhaps not the best way to describe the Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT built on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Chassis. An Airstream RV is iconic in of itself, and Mercedes Benz deserves all the praise it gets.

Put these two together and you may just have the perfect RV.

The Airstream Interstate measures in at nearly 25 feet long, 10 feet tall, and a little over 6 and half feet wide.

An energy management system blends all the power sources. A propane tank, back up propane tank that holds 15 gallons of LPG, roof mounted solar panel, along with the diesel engine, runs all the appliances in the RV.

A Benz is a Benz, which means this RV is easy to drive.

The Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT interior has a luxurious look. With aluminum trim around the mid-cabin, glossy laminate cabinets, composite floors, and ultra leather seating, you will know you are traveling in style.

Inside the Airstream

The cockpit looks similar to that of an ordinary Mercedes Benz truck, expect for a lower ceiling to accommodates electronics such as an LED TV, multiple speakers, and a Blu-Ray player. The cockpit also features heated seats and privacy shades.

There are no slide outs, but the smart floor plan makes it feel roomy. The front of the galley features a removable table and work station. As you move further into the galley, the kitchen boasts Corian countertops, a sink with fold down faucet, a small refrigerator, and a cook top and microwave oven to make meal preparation easy.

The main lounge seats up to 5 people – three on the forward facing bench, and two on sideways facing seats. A power folding couch extends to connect all this seating space into either one large bed for two, or two twin sized beds.


The bathroom is a wet bath, including a shower, sink, and toilet. The Interstate comes standard with a 27 gallon grey water tank, 14 gallon black water tank, and can hold 26 gallons of fresh water.

The Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT sells for $152,000.

What do you think? Would you buy an Airstream Interstate Grand Tour?

What do you think?