The Adak Camping Trailer Keeps You Cozy in the Boondocks

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The ADAK camping trailer is what happens when lifelong sportsmen put their heads together. The camper blends spacious, comfy living with off-grid, ride-anywhere grit.

ADAK Trailer

ADAK Industries, LLC was born when a group of fishermen, hunters, and campers had to camp miles away from their planned camp site, because it was impossible to drive their trailers up a really bad road.

The group of friends sat around a camp fire and came up with a list of improvements they wanted to see in camper trailers: an affordable low-hassle mobile wilderness shelter that can be driven through even the roughest terrain.

Each feature has been carefully thought out in this off-grid camper.

The ADAK trailer seeks to blend a comfortable inside with a rugged outside. It has an aluminum I-beam frame that connects its all-terrain wheels, using a custom torsion bar suspension. The floor is bonded and bolted to the chassis to create “unsurpassed rigidness.”

The roof and walls are made of fiber-reinforced plastic, and the cabinets are bonded to the main frame. According to ADAK, bonding makes the structure act like a single piece, making it more rigid and preventing leaks.

The underside of the trailer is snag-free, as all plumbing is routed through the structure. A torsion axle is used instead of a wheel-to-wheel shaft, which completely eliminates hanging components.

The burly body has a military look, but the inside reveals a completely different character. It has 10.8 square meters of living space. Each of the sofas on the ADAK pulls out to create a single-person bed.

Bench seating in the step-up dining area can also convert into a bed for a third person.

A small bathroom and storage area are located on the opposite side of the trailer.

ADAK bedroom and shower

The ADAK features wood floors. It has a standard 45-gallon fresh water tank and tank-less on-demand hot water.

A 1000-watt inverter, dual 6-volt deep cycle batteries, and four interior 120-volt outlets are also standard in the ADAK.

A furnace, generator, entertainment package, air conditioner, and refrigerator are also available options. A trailer with all options included will set you back $72,000, but the standard trailer goes for $49,000.

If you prefer to spend your time as far away from electricity poles as possible, this hardcore trailer should easily get you over any rough roads you may encounter.

What do you think of the design? Too rugged or just perfect? Comment below!