8 Classy Trailers That Will Surely Make You Crave For A Retro Caravan


The retro lifestyle and the simple life has boiled in our bodies for a long time now. People turn to nature to escape their unhealthy routines and the agitated cities. They turn to modern campers and drive off into the wild to experience the peace and relaxation that nature has to offer. Few people turn to a retro caravan and they often state it is something meant to stay in the past. Luckily, we have a lot of interesting people that decided to give them a remodeling and to experience their true calling. Now, these captivating trailers have turned into dream homes for a lot of people. Would you think of living the simple life in one of these captivating campers? I am practically planing that right now… So check them out below and let me know what you think.

The Airstream Bamby 422


The Guardian

Now I will surely live in one of these trailers. I think of it as a modern”Mini-Me” of the vintage American Airstream. It seems that it was created especially for the tight and smaller roads of Europe. The designers also made it risk free so you won’t expect it to breakdown like its older cousin. I just want to park it by the seaside and spend the remaining summer there. Wouldn’t you?

An Old Shepherd’s Hut


The Guardian

Experiencing the simple life is one thing, but living it like a Shepherd is another. This was something common in the countrysides and was often towed as a temporary homes during lambing. It had a bunk and the necessary kits to spend an entire season in the field. A man name Richard decided to recreate this authentic trailer intro something interesting. He added a woodburning stove, oak flooring and small utilities to makes his life a bit comfortable. Richard loves peace and relaxation and he even stated that, “Not much beats watching the sun set over the stable door.”

The Amphibious Boat Caravan 


The Guardian

Is it a boat? Is it a trailer? Is it a trailer within a boat? Well I would answer yes to these questions. It is a captivating and rare amphibious caravan boat, which you can take it on a nice stroll on the sea. It was built in 1965 and it has retractable wheels. It has a huge weight so you can’t drive it on UK roads. But happily you can still sail around the country if you want to. This can be the perfect home by the beach.

A caravan with distinctive wings and bold strips


The Guardian

This interesting caravan design by the Shasta company has never lost its touch. Shasta started off making trailers for the US military in 1941. The unique innovation they added to their trailers was the stylish wings and the bold stripes. I am glad that the owner kept this beauty in top shape for over 60 years so we may all see it.

The Scale Caravan

I understand the meaning of travel light but isn’t this too little? At first, that’s what I thought but I promtly understood that this trailer has enough space to experience a great camping trip. This scale play caravan was presented as a gift to young Prince Charles and Princess Annie in 1955. The Caravan Club decided to offer them this surprise and I guess the young Prince cherished it fully.

A 1950’s Vintage Caravan

Constantine is a name we won’t forget in the trailer world. It dates from the 1950s and it was refurbished in Brighton Seafront. The nice green color and the kitten out retro vinyl sure delights the eyes of any viewer. It also has crocked rugs that you can enjoy when you spend time in it. This trailer is found at the bottom of its owners’ garden and it is a great playhouse for the kids. I guess one of these would look great in any yard no matter the shape or color.

Frank’s Caravan

Now this design is truly amazing. This trailer was made from a part of a second world war aircraft and attached to a car chassis. Frank, the owner, fitted a felt roof, a dinky porch and a bay window. Now only that he made a breathtaking caravan but he also kept a piece of history with him. Imagine the attention he attracts when he’s on the open road.

The Mostard Caravan

This retro caravan was produced by Dutch company Mostard somewhere between 1959 and 1979. It’s a collectible item with high quality carpentry. It has birch ply cupboards, aluminium trim and sturdy catches that make the small space very practical. I think this is probably the best place to live in if we decide to opt for the simple life. If not, this would make a great home away from home when we go on a camping trip.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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