7 Simple Steps to Making Your Own Extension Cord Wraps

Who doesn’t love extension cords? They come in handy for so many different reasons. While their usage can be advantageous, the wrapping and winding them up may not interest everyone. They have a tendency to get tangled, and when you go to use them the next time you are left with a giant mess that takes 10 minutes to straighten out.

One solution to this frustrating problem is to warp the cords with homemade extension cord wraps. The process is simple and requires only a few materials.


    • Old broom handle – 4 to 6 inches
    • Bungee Cord – 12 inches
    • A lighter – to burn the edges of bungee cord
    • Drill with a bit the thickness of the bungee cord

The Process:

  1. Cut a 2-inch piece of the broom handle.
  2. On the round side of the handle, drill two holes the same diameter of the bungee cord.
  3. Cut the bungee cord to a 6-inch length.
  4. To prevent fraying melt the edges of the bungee cord with the lighter. Use caution during this step as the melted plastic can be hot.
  5. Tie a secure knot on one end of the bungee cord.
  6. Thread the cord through one of the holes in the broom stick and pull it out the other hole. Tie another knot in at the other end of the bungee cord. You should have a wooden piece with a bungee cord loop hanging below.
  7. Now you are ready to wrap the extension cord. Simply hold the wooden piece in one hand and the loop in another. Wrap the bungee cord around the coiled extension cord and over the wooden piece. When you let go the wooden piece with be snug against the cord and you don’t need to worry about messy cords again!

Source: Do It Yourself RV

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