7 Reasons Summer RVing is the Perfect Family Vacation

Have you ever wanted to pack up your family and get away from it all? Do you stare at maps and wonder what it would be like to go where no one actually knows your name?

If you dream of finding your ZEN in the great outdoors, than a family RV trip is for you! Summer RVing is an awesome way to vacation. Sure, you could cram everyone into the car and pray for a nice hotel room, but if you’ve ever seen National Lampoon’s Vacation, you know how that ends. Why risk it? Consider renting an RV.  Who knows, you could end up experiencing the ultimate summer vacation!

Here are 7 reasons to go summer RVing with the family:

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1. Save Money – Save Hassles


Colorado River Adventure

If mechanical difficulties delay your flight, will your hotel actually be held like they promised? What about your luggage? Will it make it to your hotel or will your kids have to wear paper sacks? Finally, what will you eat and how much will it cost? With your plane delayed, your luggage lost and your hotel reservation questionable, how will you ever have fun? Yup! Traditional travel is can be a pain.

Avoid the hassle. Summer RVing allows you to bring the hotel and cafe with you. Hungry? Pull over. Need your swimsuit? It’s in the drawer. Sleepy? Find a rest area and take a nap. Can you feel your stress level going down a notch?

When you add up the cost of air tickets, baggage fees, eating out and hotels, renting an RV makes a lot of sense.

2.  Explore At Your Own Pace

Unlike air travel, road travel allows you to explore as you go. Travel at a slow pace and veer off route to visit the largest ball of twine, or the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. The choice is up to you. If you’re up for adventure, let each family member choose something to see along the way. Snap selfies at quirky landmarks. Run through the fields. Learn to milk a cow. Wherever you choose to explore, your hotel is right there with you, ready to offer food, drink and a place to rest. Summer Rving is more than a vacation, it’s a memory.

3. It’s A Home Away From Home

Stock your RV with the things you love. From your favorite foods to the toys your kids can’t live without. If you’re traveling with little ones, life just got a whole lot easier! If the kids are fighting — no problem. Send one in the back bedroom and the other to the coach. There’s plenty of space to stretch out. Special diets are made easy when you can pack appropriate foods. The key to RVing is creating less stress, and isn’t that the whole reason for a vacation?

4. Easy Peasy

Your RV comes equipped with a bathroom, a bedroom, an entertainment center and a kitchen. What more could you want? Gone are the emergency bathroom stops at grungy mini marts. No need to wait till you get to the hotel to rest. If you’re tired, pull over, take a nap or watch a movie. Bad weather? No problem, there are plenty of things to do inside the RV. Do you prefer to travel at night? Great — put the kids to bed and let them sleep while you drive in peace! AHHH…. Now that’s a true vacation.

5. Fantastic Food

Kiss fast food goodbye, when you RV you can eat the way you want to. Does your child have a food allergy? No problem. Simply bring what he needs. Does your husband love a certain snack? Hide it in the cupboards and surprise him. With an RV you are no longer at the mercy of any restaurant you can find. Instead, you can pick and choose when you want to eat out and when you want to stay home. That’s not all. You can also bring your BBQ and enjoy cooking in the great outdoors. Not a cook? Your RV has a fridge and a freezer. Pack it with easy to heat foods that won’t break the budget. Why be chained to the kitchen? An RV makes food preparation easy.

6. Bring Your Fur Baby

Are you tired of the steep fees hotels charge for your pets? Did you book a hotel only to find out your pets can’t come? When you RV your fur babies enjoy your vacation with you. Yup, pet’s get to travel with ease.  Spot can lay on the bed, peek out the windows and go for leisurely strolls along the way. Who wants to shove your pet in a crate? Instead, let them socialize with the rest of the family as you travel. Summer RVing means you can bring your pets! That’s a true family vacation.

7.  The Vacation Starts When You Turn The Key

Traditional vacations are filled with stress. You have to rush to the airport, arrange the family on the plane, then dash off to the hotel. It takes a couple of days before your family can even start to connect. In an RV, family time begins when you start the engine! Travel time can actually BE  family time. You can stop and play games, listen to books, pull over and watch a movie or picnic along the way. In an RV there is no limit to family fun. Sure, your kids may still squabble but wouldn’t you prefer to handle that in private rather than in front of a plane load of strangers?

What do you think? Would you like to rent an RV for your next vacation? It could turn out to be the best family vacation you ever had!

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