This 5th Wheel Camper Received a Dramatic Makeover

Is your RV crying out for an interior redesign, but you haven’t found the inspiration? Well, look no further, the camper makeover you’re about to see is sure to inspire!

The dramatic yet simple changes completely transformed the interior of this 33-foot 5th wheel.

Before the makeover, the camper had the patterned wall panels and oak cabinetry found in most RVs. In fact, just about every RV and camper made in the last decade or so looks just like this one.


Mobile Home Living

The owners of this trailer, Cassandra and Blaise Ginter, have a ton of creativity and style. And based on this amazing redesign — quite a bit of talent as well.  The changes they made are as follows:

  • Painted the ceiling, trim, and cabinetry white
  • Used a light shade of gray on most of the floors and walls to give the space a contemporary and spacious look
  • Painted the walls of the office area a darker gray color that added dimension
  • Added chalkboard paint to the front of the refrigeration to highlight it
  • Replaced the normal camper curtains with white ones to bring light into the space
  • Used white and light gray paint in the bedroom
  • Added a royal purple color to the bedroom to serve as an accent that makes a bold statement


Mobile Home Living

The change in the kitchen is the most dramatic. They painted the cabinets white, the backsplash gray, and added new contemporary hardware. With the new color scheme the black appliances add a pop of drama.

Also, they placed the dining table and the sofa in the slide out. This is because it slides into the kitchen area while they are on the go. Plus, once they have arrived at their destination, it opens with just a push of a button.

Since this makeover took place, the Ginter’s have sold the RV and are now performing good works in Sudan.

What is your opinion of the makeover? Leave your thoughts in the comment section and, as always, Happy RVing.

Source: Mobile Home Living

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