5 Tips to Make Campsite Cooking Easier

One of the best parts of camping is eating meals that have been cooked over a campfire. While in theory is sounds simple — build a fire and throw the food on — in practice campsite cooking isn’t as easy as it looks.

campsite cooing

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If you need help improving your campsite culinary cuisine, check out the following tips to help you become the master of the campfire.

1. Use a Skewer


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If you dread the thought of lugging a pan around, bring some metal skewers on your next camping trip. They can be re-used over and over again for many different foods, including meat, veggies, and even bacon. An added bonus is that you won’t have to clean out a pan every time you are finished cooking.

2. Cook Over The Coals

cooking with coals

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Believe it or not, coals provide more even heat than fire. Before we get started, it is important that you have a tool that will allow you to pull your food from the fire. Once this has been secured, simply follow these steps:

  • Light your fire and get it going good.
  • When it has died down some, spread the coals evenly on top of the fire.
  • Wrap your veggies, meats, etc. in aluminum foil and place the packet directly over the coals.
  • Remove the food from the fire, unwrap, and enjoy.

3. Heat The Dish Water When You Are Cooking

hot water

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Have you ever finished eating a meal only to find that your cooking fire has burned out? Avoid this issue by putting an extra pot of water on the fire while you are cooking. That way you can clean your dishes with warm water as soon as you are finished eating. This means that your dishes won’t have a chance to get gross and sticky. As an added bonus, it will save your firewood and you’ll have more time to do things that you’d rather be doing.

4. Buy a Spice Wheel

Buying a spice wheel ensures that you will have your spices with you when you visit the great outdoors. It keeps them all in one place in dry, air tight containers.

5. Roasting Marshmallows — No Stick Needed


The Foodies At Work

This tip is perfect for s’mores lovers. While roasting marshmallows on a stick is the traditional way, there are some down sides such as stumbling around in the dark looking for the perfect stick, and burning your fingers when handling the hot marshmallow.

To make this campsite cooking trick work, you must do the following:

  • Gather everything that you will need to make your s’mores including the marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate.
  • Stack the marshmallow and the chocolate open-faced on one cracker.
  • Find a flat rock in your campfire and place your s’more on top of it. Rotate it every couple of seconds.
  • Once the marshmallow has turned brown and the chocolate has melted, take the s’more off the heat.
  • Add the top wafer.
  • Enjoy your ooey-gooey treat!

The Bottom Line

Cooking with a campfire doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply follow the above tips to help get you started. What did you think of these campsite cooking tips? Do you have any of your own to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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