5 Great Non-Alcoholic Cocktails You Can Easily Make in Your RV

Are you tired of drinking the same boring drinks every time you go out in your RV? You don’t have to be stuck drinking soft drinks the entire time — or worse — plain water.

Try one of these five non-alcoholic cocktails that you can easily make no matter where you are in the country.

Flavored Waters


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Take your plain water and make it extraordinary by following this technique:

  • Fill a sealable pitcher with water, and then place a variety of sliced fruit and fresh herbs into the container.
  • Seal it up and put it somewhere safe. In a few hours you’ll have a low-calorie beverage that’s full of flavor.
  • Try strawberries and mint or a selection of citrus fruit for your first try. Here is a good list to get started with.

Soda Syrups

It is pretty easy to find plain carbonated water in any grocery store. It’s also easy to make your own soda syrups. Making your own hand-crafted sodas is very easy if you make the syrups before your trip. Start by adding equal parts sugar and fruit juice to a pot and cook it down slowly until the liquid can coat a spoon. Pour the syrup into a sealable container. A screwtop bottle works best. You don’t want syrup to leak inside your RV!


To use it, add some syrup into the bottom of a glass and then pour carbonated water on top. Stir gently. It only takes a tiny amount of syrup to make your own soda, so a big bottle will last a long time. If you’re near a store that sells Middle Eastern food you may be able to find ready-made syrups.

Arnold Palmer

So popular you can find it ready-made in many convenience stores. Simply mix equal parts of lemonade and iced tea. You may want to add more sugar if your kids don’t like the taste of tea, or just adjust the amount of lemonade higher in the mix.

Arizona Sunrise

Does your family like to drink orange juice in the morning? This is a great drink to use up that extra OJ during the day. The simple way to make this beautiful drink is to mix equal parts orange juice and Sprite and pour it over some ice. However, if you can add a tiny touch of grenadine syrup to each glass before you pour the mix in, the drink will be that much better. For the absolute best Arizona Sunrise, you need the right kind of ice. Check out the bartender’s guide to ice to learn how to choose the best types of ice for different kinds of drinks.

Mock Mint Julep

This is a tasty drink that you can make quickly if you do a little prep work before your trip. Take ¼ cup water and ¼ cup sugar, plus one tablespoon of chopped mint. Stir and bring to a boil until the sugar is dissolved. Let it sit for an hour then strain out the leaves. You’ll be left with a mint syrup.

When you’re on the road, fill a glass with crushed ice. Add lemonade to the glass, then a splash of the mint syrup. Stir it and enjoy! You can even throw in a mint leaf if you have one on hand.

Try these five drinks on your next RV trip. You’ll never want to go back to boring soda again, and you may find that it’s cheaper to make your own syrups and mock cocktails.

Author Mark Masterson is from IceMachinesPlus.com with over 10 years of experience in the restaurant and bar industry. With an extensive background and entertaining writing style Mark is focused on providing quality information and advice to managers and contractors about the best practices on choosing the right type of ice machine.

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